Deconstructing an Outfit: Head to Toe TopShop

Hi There Hun,


Something that I haven’t formally announced on the blog yet is that ya gal here is now a proud member of staff at TopShop! Since mid-December I have been surrounded by clothes with a sassy discount at my fingertips – so basically living my best life. But instead of filling my basket like a mad woman on day 1, I have been taking my time to curate the perfect work wardrobe a la TopShop with looks that can be interchangeable and worn again and again so that I can get more out of my clothes and (more importantly) my money.


So, I got my fashion cap on (or y’know, my baker boy) and decided to share an outfit with you that’s not only fan-bloody-tastic as an overall look, but where each individual piece can give a fresh update on whatever else you choose to wear it with. I’m deconstructing a look so that you can figure out which pieces are worth buying and which are best left on the rail. : Deconstructing A TopShop Look


Casual vibes with a bit of pretty and added attitude – the perfect combination in my eyes. This outfit is a new go-to for me and at least one of these elements have been worn pretty much daily.



1. The Baker Boy

Starting from the top – the trusty baker boy hat. I’ve been very VERY late in joining the club here but better late than never, right? This baby is an absolute game changer and I’m yet to find an outfit in my wardrobe that it can’t be worn with. Basic t-shirt and jeans combo? Stick on the hat and you’re suddenly a fashionista. Greasy looking hair? get it on you and no one will know. It’s not just fashionable, it’s practical as heck! If you aren’t wearing a baker boy (or some sort of hat that’s on trend – hello Mr Beret) with an outfit, you’re missing out.


2. The Necklace

You can barely see it in these photos but I thought this necklace was worth mentioning. Like my beloved baker boy hat, this double necklace (which is a pretty awesome Missoma dupe if you ask me) gives a kick to any outfit and really looks like you’ve made a fashionable effort. I even put it on when I’m in a sweater, jeans, and trainers because it adds some femininity to an otherwise boyish outfit combo. Minimal gold jewellery has been a fashion hero in 2017 and I don’t see it going anywhere just yet.


3. The Top

If you’re an avid TopShop gal you’ll know that this top has come in approximately 3204832 different patterns and colours (ok probably more like 10 but you get me). That alone proves that this is a blouse worth having and as soon as I saw it, I knew that everything from the cut, the frills, the sleeve length, all the way to the tie around to give that peplum effect would flatter my body shape. It can be worn for a casual weekend about town or for a date night and I’m wearing it with pretty much all the trousers and skirts I own – 10/10 on the versatility score. I went for the cosmic navy just to spice things up a bit and wear something a little different, I also didn’t want the frills AND the print to overdo the feminine vibes so the moon and stars gave a perfect balance. The newest edition of this top is a gorgeous green with a floral print to give a Spring update to your wardrobe. - Deconstructing a TopShop Look


4. The Jeans

I’ve been living in basic skinnies for far too long so I was in dire need of an update on my denim with a different cut and some edgy rips for an extra summin’ summin’. HELLO MOOOOM JEANS. These huns ticked all my boxes and have given my wardrobe the update it’s been needing for quite some time. We all know that jeans are a timeless fashion staple and set the tone for the rest of your outfit. I don’t need to preach to you that jeans can be worn with literally anything but these mom jeans, with their more relaxed fit and edgy rips, give a smart outfit some attitude.


5. The Boots

Nono, THE boots. My god have I fallen head over heels (eeeeeeeeyyy) for these BEA-UUU-TIFUL boots. And just to make them even more sexy, they were £20 in the sale (aauuuuuuhhhfurfheurwafdnjadfgk!). Now I know what you’re maybe thinking, white cowboy boots with black heels and all the studs and buckles? That’s quite a strong piece, I don’t think I a) have the balls or b) have enough outfits I can wear them with. And to that on both counts, I say “Yes. You do. Go forth my friend and buy those crazy boots”. I’ve been wearing these with pretty much anything and everything in my wardrobe, from my vinyl skirt to a basic jeans and t-shirt look. They go so well with everything and my theory behind it is that they don’t have a bold colour that’s tricky to match with other pieces, they don’t have a print per se, and they have a heel not too high to be uncomfortable but just high enough to be able to wear them for day or night.



And that’s a wrap – my entire outfit, deconstructed, just to give you the proof of why each piece would make a great little addition to your wardrobe and worth every penny!


What are your wardrobe hero’s/new pieces you’re loving?? – I need to know what I’m missing out on!

Testing Sheetmasks: 5 Favourites under £5

Testing sheet masks: 5 favourites under £5:


When I’m in need of some pampering and that much-needed “me time” that we all hark on about, a sheet mask is undoubtedly the first thing I go for. For less than a fiver, you can pretty much recreate an at-home spa treatment and give your skin the boost it’s been needing. I’m a sucker for trawling through Boots to discover new brands and products that I love without breaking the bank. Plus, with Valentine’s Day around the corner and the winter weather drying out our skin, we could all use a bit of TLC. So with that in mind, I’m sharing five of my favourite sheet masks, all of which are under £5 to keep your purse and your skin happy.


Testing sheet masks: five favourites under £5 -


Garnier: Moisture Bomb


I couldn’t possibly write this without including the OG drugstore sheet mask. When the magazines were revealing the famous faces embracing this upcoming beauty trend that was about to take off, it was the moisture bomb that was there to satisfy your average Joe’s like me, wanting to jump on the bandwagon at a fraction of the cost. I remember the moisture bomb being the first of its kind, I instantly fell in love with how nourishing it was for my dry-ish skin and it’s kept up well with the release of its new lavender and green tea fragrances. Does it give you a whole week of hydration as promised though? Not really. This one is fab for an instant hit of moisture for thirsty skin (as the name suggests) but I’d say it’s a one-trick pony. (P.S. and FYI: Garnier’s night cream gel of the same name is absolutely incredible and one I go for again and again!)


Yes To: Tomatoes


As I started looking to get more for my money from a cheap drugstore sheet mask, I came across YesTo. The first one I used was the YesTo tomatoes charcoal sheet mask and sweet lord it’s a good ‘un. Charcoal skin products are apparently very good for giving your skin a serious detox and fighting off those pesky spots and blackheads. Does it work miracles? No – it’s not gonna evaporate every spot in 10 minutes, BUT I definitely noticed that my skin looked brighter and more clear, as well as feeling super soft for a few days after. The blemish fighting sheet mask showed similar results, I also tried the acne fighting sheet mask when I was flying back from Australia and getting all dem spots, but I didn’t feel like it did that much for me. The charcoal one is definitely my favourite from YesTo and this brand uses mostly natural ingredients and recyclable packaging which is even better!



Testing sheet masks: 5 favourites under £5 -




A classic skincare brand which, in my opinion, is becoming slightly forgotten about with all the sexy new kids storming in (looking at you YesTo and Nip + Fab). I took this one in my hand luggage to Australia and applied it while I was somewhere over Russia when everyone around me was asleep because y’know, the sheet mask is not a pretty sight. Hats off to Simple because the results of this mask left me very pleasantly surprised! My skin felt lovely and nourished for the rest of the flight – that’s one heck of an achievement considering how dry and stuffy the air is on planes! Simple positions themselves as the sensitive skin experts but I’d say this would be great for anyone because, let’s face it, who actually wants all those nasty chemicals and alcohols in our skincare products? Their range of sheet masks are also made in Korea and, political stuff aside, they seem to really know what they’re doing with skincare at the moment so that’s another vote of confidence for our forgotten friend, Simple.


Iroha Nature: Black Tissue Mask Detox


This was a brand I hadn’t heard of when I picked up this sheet mask but HELLO IT’S CHARCOAL SO IT MUST BE GOOD, RIGHT?! Apparently it’s ideal for oily/combination skin which I don’t have (I think I’m normal? – this, unfortunately, does not extend any further than the skin), I was sold by the buzzwords like “detox”, “charcoal” and “anti-blemish” and I stopped paying attention after that. However, I still found I got great results from this one, like the YesTo tomatoes charcoal sheet mask, my skin felt lovely and soft as well as looking more refreshed and clear. So yeah, further proving my point that charcoal skincare products are life! Sidenote: Some friends and I were discussing whether charcoal teeth whitening/skin brightening products actually work or is it a placebo because the product is black (therefore will make your teeth appear whiter by comparison) – for sheet masks, I’d have to say no because I didn’t use a mirror to get this baby on and off (#smugface), so I only had the comparison between my skin before and after.



Testing sheet masks: 5 favourites under £5:


Soap & Glory: Party Recovery Radiance-Boosting Mask


Last but by no means least; the babes of Soap & Glory with their sassy quips and fun packaging are on the sheet mask bandwagon. This product is geared towards to party girl (which I’m definitely not) who’s now suffering from dull, problematic skin on top of the dreaded hangover. So, brightening and freshness is definitely what they’re trying to achieve here and oh lordy do they deliver! This sheet mask is now one of my favourites, it’s drippy as hell (seriously, I’ve never come across such a drippy sheet mask) but if you ignore how messy it is and think how much extra product you’re getting for your money then you’ll be thankful because it’s absolutely lush! All the sexy ingredients packed into it like pink grapefruit, white flower, and fresh mint means it smells divine. I genuinely felt my skin looked a lot fresher and clearer for days after, I’d definitely recommend this one.


So, what’s your favourite sheet mask and which will you be trying next?

Happy Weekend!




What I Wore in Sydney - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 5

Hey there you!


Welcome along to part two of my Aussie outfit diary where I’m sharing what I wore on my recent trip down under (check out the Melbourne edition here). For my second week in Australia, Cat and I headed up to the stunning city of Sydney to get some much-needed sun before my return home to the wintery weather of Aberdeen. For the higher temps here in comparison to Melbourne, the shorts were coming out, the suncream was getting slathered on (although not enough apparently) and my time in Sydney was spent in a whole new set of outfits! - What I Wore in Sydney - Day 1
Bodysuit: TopShop – Shorts, Sandals & Coverup: Boohoo – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s)

Day 1

Getting a quick tourist snap next to the iconic Sydney Opera house before heading to Manly for a beach day! This was a bit of a cobbled together outfit but I was pleasantly surprised with how well the orange and red tones went together for a casual, summery look. - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 2
Playsuit & Sandals: Boohoo – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s)

Day 2

Another day, another boat trip but this time to the very quaint Shark Island on a cloudy day in Sydney. Real talk: I wore this playsuit to hide the awful sunburn I brought back from Manly beach – Top tip: bring some high-neck pieces to avoid a double burn on the chest! - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 3
Top & Shorts: Boohoo – Espadrilles: ASOS – Backpack: Topshop – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s)

I wore this outfit to have a nosy around the beautiful Opera House and up the Sydney Tower. As you can probably tell by now, I like to show a bit of skin for tan maximization (sorry mum!) while also keeping my outfits casual but pretty for comfort and style. - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 4
Top: Miss Selfridge – Shorts: Boohoo – Trainers: TopShop

Day 4

Another casual summer look was what I wore on day 4 to explore the city. Sometimes I quite like to keep it fairly simple so classic denim shorts with a pair of white trainers were a basic option while the lacy lilac top kept the outfit feminine. - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 5
Top: Boohoo – Skort: Pretty Little Thing – Espadrilles: ASOS – Backpack: TopShop – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s)

Day 5

This is probably one of my favourite looks from the trip because it just works so well in terms of colour and detailing if I do say so myself! Not too matchy but not too haphazardly flung together. For this day we went on an 8km walking tour of the city – I can confirm that the espadrilles have outdone themselves for both comfort and sass factor! - What I Wore In Sydney - Day 6

Day 6

One more day spent in Manly before heading back home! This is an absolute cop-out for an “outfit” per se but I obviously need to mention a bikini in a holiday outfit post (I wore the frill skort and rose crop top FYI so nothin’ new!). This bikini is the “Cyprus” from Boux Avenue and the fit is absolutely perfect for a gal whose large and in charge in the boob region! It’s actually a halterneck but because of the sling design of the ties (i.e. starts at the underwire and not at the top of the cup), I was able to pass it around and tie them in a little bow at the back, so y’know she’s a versatile one.



So that’s my outfit diary for what I wore in Sydney – out of interest, which one was your favourite or what would you wear differently? If you want to see more of what we got up to in Sydney and Melbourne, keep an eye on my Youtube channel where I’ll be uploading the vlogs in a couple of weeks!



Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies!

What I Wore in Melbourne

Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 3

Oh Hi there, welcome back to the blog!


If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram or in real life you will be aware that I kicked off 2018 in style with the trip of a lifetime to Australia to be reunited with the little sis. If you’re a fashion-loving gal like me, you’ll know that when the promise of a holiday is presented to you, you’re instantly wondering “WHAT DO I WEAR?!”. You spend the upcoming weeks and months curating the perfect holiday wardrobe to match the ‘gram-ness of your chosen destination but paired with comfort and wearability. Today I’m sharing what I wore in our first week, which was spent in magnificent Melbourne before heading up to Sydney for week two.


Side note: I haven’t included any links for you to shop these pieces because I’m well aware that searching for these specific items in January probably won’t be worth it. However, ASOS and Boohoo came out top in having a decent range of summer clothes available through the winter, so if you’re headed for some winter sun these are definitely the places to look for affordability and style!


Chloe Dangerfield - What I wore in Melbourne - Day 1
Jumpsuit: New Look (bought from ASOS) – Belt: ASOS – Trainers, Necklace, Backpack & Jacket: TopShop – Earrings: Lovisa (an Aussie Brand)

Day 1

As you can see I’m not super buzzed about an getting an outfit photo taken but after the 28-hour journey, sitting on a bench was the best I could offer. I wore this outfit to wander around the shops for a few hours before a 15-hour sleep consumed the rest of my day and night! #jetlaglife



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 2
Dress & Espadrilles: ASOS – Backpack: Topshop – Kimono: New Look (it’s yeeeeears old now!)

Day 2

Jet lag successfully overcome and sassy pants on for heading to the 88th floor of the Eureka tower (well actually, just the really big pants that anyone in their right mind would wear with a bodycon dress after all the festive food).



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 3
Shirt Dress: Boohoo – Earrings: H&M – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s) – Trainers: TopShop

Day 3

Comfort and style for all 150 miles of the Great Ocean Road and the drive back to Melbourne. I chose to wear this shirt dress because it would look cute against the blue backdrop of the ocean and quite honestly, the thought of wearing shorts for a journey that long did not appeal.



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 3
Playsuit: Miss Selfridge – Espadrilles: ASOS – Backpack: Topshop

Day 4

Just a casual day spent wandering the city and visiting the beautiful Victoria State Library. These espadrilles are my new obsession and deserved to be the stars of this simple outfit!



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 5
Dress: ASOS – Trainers and Jacket: TopShop

Day 5

Back in the bodycon but this time for a more casual, street kinda vibe with the best accessory of all – a sea salt ice cream with popping candy! (and nope, these photos are not the best quality with my very out of focus face and overhead lighting, but guys, THE ICECREAM!)



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 5 and a half
Dress: ASOS – Bag: New Look – Heels: Boohoo

Day 5 and a half

To go out for a lovely dinner on the Southbank of Melbourne (and pose on a soaking wet but very glam bench) I wore this lovely little spotty wrap dress with low maintenance heels (if you can call them that) and a pop of colour.



Chloe Dangerfield - What I Wore in Melbourne - Day 6
Shorts: Boohoo – Top: Pretty Little Thing – Espadrilles: ASOS – Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s)

Day 6

Final outfit for our last day in Melbourne and I wore this casual little ensemble with my beloved pearly espadrilles. Top tip: if you want denim shorts that are a little high-waisted and not so short that they’re practically knickers – shop in the tall section. I’m 5’0 and these fit perfectly in my usual size with extra coverage on the bod than a petite pair.




And that’s a wrap! Just a short and snappy post on what I wore in Melbourne to help give you ideas on what to wear for a city break holiday that packs a bit of heat (or not in my case – apparently I brought some cool Scottish air with me!) Up next – what I wore in Sydney for sun, sea and sassy vibes. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel over the next few weeks to see what I got up to on my Aussie adventure!



So, which outfit of these is your favourite and what would be your go-to’s for a holiday in the city?




The Long Haul Essentials You Need in Your Hand Luggage

Oh Hi There!



As I write this it’s a very soggy last day here in Melbourne – I may be far from home but the rain seems to have followed me from Scotland. Typical! It’s been one whole week since I set foot on my Aussie adventure with a 28-hour journey and 3 flights ahead of me. Tomorow, Cat and I head up to Sydney for round two of the holiday and another fun-filled week which will include a trip to Shark Island and breakfast with Koalas (SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED!). But before we leave, I wanted to share with you my tried and tested hand luggage saviors (and unnecessary items – honesty is key y’know) that got me to the other side of the world with limited boredom and most of my sanity!


“The Admin”




Ok, these items probably go without saying but I just wanted to keep it real with you guys! Obviously, you need your passport, boarding passes, and any e-visa documents blah blah blah. But if you want to win at traveling it’s a good idea to have all these documents printed out as a back-up rather than just on your phone. Keep them all safe in a cute little travel wallet like mine so everything is in one place you’re not rifling through your bag while people wait impatiently in the queue behind you (because no one wants to be that guy). It seems like a small and unnecessary add-on but this little wallet is a lifesaver and I would highly recommend. Mine is from an independent shop in the village near me (KAGA for any local readers), but Paperchase and Kikki.k also have some beautiful wallets to keep your essentials safe.



“The Essentials”


Alrighty then, that’s the admin out of the way, now for the fun stuff!




As the great glamazon RuPaul says; “reading is fundamental”, and I would have to agree – something to read on a plane will keep you occupied for hours and will stop you from staring at a screen for too long. I was lucky enough to have my Vogue subscription pop through the door right as I was about to leave for the airport (and with two Aussie stars on the cover! It was fate!). In my previous post, I talked about my newfound love for reading Vogue and an additional plus point to this magazine is its lengthy articles all crammed into one issue, perfect for a traveling fashion gal!



Another must-have for any kind of travel, never mind a long haul flight. I’m using a hand-me-down pair of Beats headphones and they definitely combine quality and comfort which make them a perfect hand luggage essential.


A Travel Charger

This is definitely needed for long-haul flights to keep your gadgets ticking over till you arrive. I’d love to say that I spent my journey being productive i.e. writing this post then rather than a week later, but the truth is that I owe a large part of my in-flight entertainment to Candy Crush. Yes I know, I judge me too and I’m ashamed to admit it but that game kept me entertained for hours, so the travel charger was my BFF from Aberdeen to Melbourne. I use two – one from Plyones studio which is a handy size and one from Rav Power  which is a bit bigger in size but definitely lasts longer!


A Travel Pillow

I’m sure this one goes without saying but seriously, you NEED a travel pillow for a long haul flight! The one I used was £6 from Primark believe it or not – AND it’s memory foam! Not gonna lie, it took a minute for me to get comfy with it, but once it was at the right angle this was an absolute dream as it was soft but not as squishy as other neck pillows so it still kept my head supported – goodbye awkward falling-asleep head-bobbing!



I mean where do I begin? This portion probably forms the heftiest part of my hand luggage essentials because long-haul flights wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not armed. Obviously, makeup was not on the agenda at any point in my journey and a travel toothbrush and deodorant were with me. In terms of “beauty”, I did bring a Burt’s Bees lip balm, a mini Garnier Micellar water (I got mine for 90p in Primark!) and the moisture bomb moisturizing gel to keep my skin clean and hydrated in a stuffy environment. Other extras included this Simple sheet mask – ok I’ll be real with you, if it wasn’t for the fact that the lights were off and everyone around me was asleep, I probably wouldn’t have been getting the sheet mask out! – and these Soap and Glory undereye gel pads. Every one of these products is definitely an essential for a long haul flight in my eyes – the sheet mask kept my skin feeling super soft for at least 12 hours, the eye pads made my under-eye area feel bright and fresh for landing (they smell so refreshing too!), and the others were handy to top up my skin throughout the flight.


“The Unnecessaries”




Luckily for me, there wasn’t really anything that I wish I had, but definitely a couple of things that I could have gone without. I figured this wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t tell you about the things I brought in my hand luggage but really didn’t need so I thought I’d quickly mention them. First of all, my laptop would have come in my hand luggage regardless of whether I needed it on the flight or not in case my case got lost. However, the hours I spent downloading The Office (US obvs) were a waste because apparently since my last long-haul trip 9 years ago, airlines have supersized their in-flight entertainment. Gone are the days where you have a mere three movies to choose from, you can watch pretty much anything on a long haul flight now!


Another unnecessary item in the hand luggage was this book I planned on finishing. Now I know I said that reading is absolutely needed on a flight, Vogue seemed to keep me covered in the reading department and the night time flight meant that reading a book would have sent me to sleep when I was meant to be awake. Which reminds me – as soon as you get on the plane, or even in the days leading up to your trip, get with the schedule in terms of your new time zone and it will do wonders for your jet lag. All I needed was one really long sleep (15 hours to be precise) and I was up and at ’em the next day no bother.


Last but not least, my beloved Oliver Bonas diary. Why oh why I thought I needed this will be beyond me but it’s so beautiful that it ended up in my hand luggage anyway. You probably knew this already but if you’re a blogger/stationary freak/like to be organized person like me – you don’t need to take your diary. Nope, not even on a long-haul flight.




So, what are your in-flight essentials?

I hope this has been helpful for anyone heading on a long haul journey soon, safe travels wherever it is you’re going to!




The End of Glamour Magazine and My Confession to Vogue


For most of my young adulthood, fashion magazines have held a special place in my soul. When I was 15, my bedroom walls were covered in magazine cutouts from whatever publication I could get my hands on. Sometimes it was Mizz or Look, other times I was sneaking page spreads from old Vogue’s, Elle’s and Cosmo’s that the school’s art department stored for design development work. Now, my cutouts have come off the walls and either into scrapbooks or on to my beloved pinboard and for the past few years, my Glamour Magazine subscription has become a monthly self-care ritual. Whether I’m snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea or in a nice hot bath, I’ve taken the chance to switch off from the online world and enjoy the latest Glamour issue.



This month, at first, was no exception. As always, I felt a little bit excited to see the white plastic parcel come through my letterbox and I tore it open to see who was on the cover of January’s Glamour magazine. But it wasn’t Glamour – it was Vogue. As I read the attached letter I was left even more confused and, in my usual fashion, took to Google, only to learn that Glamour magazine has now taken an online format and basically is no longer a print magazine anymore. WHAT?! Is anyone as upset about this as I am?! This beloved fashion magazine that I’ve invested hours of reading in and has seen me through three flat moves, my uni life, my graduate life and two different jobs is no more. Call me dramatic but this is a pretty big deal isn’t it? I’m wondering if our online obsession will slowly kill off all the print magazines. I could feel Taylor Swift taunting me from the Vogue cover I held in my hand with “the old Glamour magazine can’t come to the phone right now..” (I mean of course it had to be bloody TS herself on the cover this month!)



Ok, confession time, (and don’t judge me!): I, little miss fashion blogger, have never really managed to get very emotionally invested in Vogue. Yes, it is probably the most iconic fashion magazine there is and I can sense that the fashion police are out to get me for admitting that this timeless publication has only ever been used as wallpaper for my teenage bedroom. But let’s be honest, it’s a lot of adverts and fashion pieces that a lot of us will never be able to afford or actually wear at any point in our lives, am I right? Don’t get me wrong I’ve certainly admired Vogue and seen it as the bible of fashion, but how can someone like me relate to Vogue? I don’t feel like I’m stylish enough, rich enough or in the type of social circles of Vogue’s target audience. I held up the magazine, reluctantly accepting my fate, and started reading.



As I sifted through the high fashion page spreads and read the cultural pieces, inspiration struck and I wondered how I could turn these trends and talking points into fresh new content. I have to say, I’m quite enjoying the Vogue life now that I’ve given it a chance. I’ve actually started to feel like a more legit fashion gal now and a tiny bit involved in the high fashion world that I’ve never felt able to relate to before. It sounds so ridiculous on paper but once upon a time, the glossy high fashion magazines like Vogue intimidated me and I felt like I couldn’t be that girl (the sassy, always stylish, confident Vogue reading fashion girl) even if I wanted to be. Turns out you can create your own reality if you really want it – pick up a Vogue and read it. Boom. Done. Check. You are now that fashion girl who reads Vogue.


As I say goodbye to Glamour and goodbye to what has been a wonderful first year of blogging, I’m embracing 2018 in all it’s sassy Vogue glory and welcoming the new phase of my fashion-loving blogger babe self. How ’bout you?



So were you just as gutted about the end of Glamour magazine as I was or are you a fully fledged Vogue gal?



Happy New Year you beauties! Here’s to another sassy year?

4 Blogging Tips from my First Year as a Blogger Babe

Happy Bloggiversary to ME!!


Today marks one whole year since I hit the publish button on my first ever blog post and to say a lot has happened would be an understatement! I’ve moved house, changed jobs, gone back to uni, started out on Youtube, been on a couple of holidays and written about all sorts over here on From the realities of graduating, how to get happy and a good old fashion post here and there, I’ve been on quite a journey in what has been a fab first year of blogging.


However, this wouldn’t go without some important lessons learned and advice I would give to my past and present self about life as a blogger. This first year has been a bit of an experimental period with a beginner mentality i.e. let’s not take it too seriously, let’s just pretend it’s not a big deal to me even though it is, let’s just not speak about it to people in case they see that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, let’s write something/anything, post it and never look at it again. These are the things that have probably held me back but at the same time kept me grounded and realistic for the past twelve months.




But as I celebrate my blog’s first birthday and reflect on 2017 in online and offline terms, it’s time for me to shake off that beginner mentality and step it up a notch for the year ahead. These are the four tips I wish I had followed in my first year of blogging and intend to take with me into 2018.


Be Consistent.

If you’re a new blogger looking for advice, you’ve probably heard this a million times already; BE CONSISTENT! Sounds very simple but I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon so many times this year with a consistency level that’s about as unpredictable as the British weather. Being consistent with when, how often and, to some degree, what you post is such an important piece of advice for any level of blogger. First of all, if you publish a fashion post one week, a hamster care guide the next week, then a craft tutorial and absolutely nothing for a month, you’ll be forgotten about and your readers won’t understand what you’re all about (if you are a hamster-loving fashionista who likes crafts though, Hi friend!). Second of all, being inconsistent will hold YOU back. I’ve found it easy to get stuck in the planning stages, drop off the online world, then suddenly a month has gone by and I don’t even know where to begin again. Staying consistent will make it easier for you as a new blogger and will eventually build a loyal bunch of readers, so plan, do and repeat!


Stop Overthinking.

This goes hand in hand with being consistent and not getting stuck in the planning stages without actually doing anything. Turns out blogging is a lot of work and no matter how much you enjoy doing it, there’s a big to-do list for every single post which can get a bit stressful if you want to get it right. What should I write about? What should my title be? When should I post it? Will people care? What should I take photos of? How many photos? A feature image? The lighting’s not right! The wording isn’t right! SEO?! HTML?! FML! It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in self-doubt (trust me, I know!), especially when the blogging world is overflowing with people who are bigger and better than you. But before you play the comparison game and worry about not being good enough, it’s important to take a deep breath and remember that this is supposed to be something you enjoy, so don’t take the joy out of it. You’ll never get anywhere by standing still and worrying, so get inspired, do what you love, remember why you started and just stop overthinking it.



Keep Learning.

Something that I’ve found in my first year of blogging is that you can get so busy creating content that you get stuck on a hamster wheel (I need to stop with hamsters!) of writing, taking photos, posting and repeat with no time to move forward. If you want your blog to be great, it’s really important to make time for setting goals and learning new things that will help you get to where you want to be. There’s a lot I want to know more about to bring my blog up to the next level, from SEO and basic web design to little things like “what does this button on my camera do?”. Like I said before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel clueless, but here’s my advice for you – if in doubt, Google it! There are so many web pages, blog posts, YouTube tutorials and y’know, actual real-life books that can teach you the ins and outs of blogging that you’re avoiding or not making the time for. Everything can be learned, don’t underestimate that ability you have because once upon a time, you couldn’t even walk. So, when you’re planning your content, set some goals (even little ones) and make time for learning new things.


Stay Connected.

Blogging often looks like a glamorous and sociable lifestyle but the truth is, it’s often very isolating. You spend your days inside on your laptop, plugging away but not actually talking to people IRL. You become a bit of a hermit. If I can give you (and myself) some top blogging advice for 2018 it would be to stay connected with other blogger buddies, this will do absolute wonders for your own sanity but also for your blog. Learning from people who have been there and done it is going to help you, and getting out there and telling everyone about what you’re doing will give you a much-needed confidence boost. If you want to get anywhere with your blog, you’re gonna have to start talking about it, make yourself heard and practice that elevator pitch, no matter how self-absorbed it may feel. I’ve been to three installments of the Career Girl Academy in London and made blogger friends both online and in my everyday life, but talking loud and proud about my blog is something I still find difficult and intend to work on in what I hope will be a cracking year.




So that’s my blogging advice that I wish I had followed in my first year. I’m not only handing these tips over to any new bloggers out there, but also to myself as some goals for the next year of If you’re an established blogger babe, what blogging tips would you have given to yourself when you started?



Have a wonderful new year lovelies, here’s to 2018!

3 Ways to Wear a Bright Colour

Every now and again I find myself stuck in a fashion rut with a need to break out, it’s something I’m sure we all experience at some point or another. While bright and bold pieces give us the promise to get out of that good old comfort zone, it can be easy to shy away from them and crawl back into our black skinny jeans and oversized knit jumper we’ve grown oh so attached to. We tell ourselves “I couldn’t wear that”, “it won’t go with anything I have”, “I don’t have anything to wear it to”. But with a couple of fashion tweaks and a hint of indulgence in a piece you instantly love, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to wear a bold shade.


Red Fashion

The Details

We all know that red has been THE colour for A/W17, but if wearing head-to-toe pillar box gives you the fear then I suggest you start small. Find an item that has small hints of bright red in the print or design to ease you into the trend, and I promise you’ll be feeling braver after a couple of wears.



Red Fashion

The Accessories

What better way to bring a bold new colour in to your life than with the accessories, am I right? Throwing on a jazzy set of earrings and a swipe of red lipstick is all it takes to up your fashion game in one minute. This will add some bold shades to a simple outfit for minimal effort and maximum style.



Red Fashion

The Item

So you’re feeling braver now, right? Or you’ve found a piece that’s so effing gorgeous that you don’t even care how bright the colour is? I found these trousers in River Island a couple of months ago and instantly thought “LORDY I MUST HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE NOW”. They were straight in my basket regardless of whether they would work in my wardrobe or if I felt confident enough to wear them. Life is too short to have the fear over a pair of bright red trousers am I right?! Whether you keep the rest subtle or go all out with your matching red accessories, you’re nailing it. Go forth and have no fear my dear, wear that piece with pride and be the stylish sass-queen that you are inside!





Have a fabulous week you beautiful thing!















Vinyl Skirt: 3 Ways


As a lot of you may know already, skirts have not been my thing for a while. It wasn’t a conscious decision to just eradicate them from my wardrobe or something that I was even aware of, but for god knows how long now I haven’t owned a single skirt. You may be wondering how I possibly had enough sassy pieces to wear if I didn’t have a skirt – well, I didn’t. I was constantly struggling to find anything to wear for literally any sort of activity and little confidence to wear even basic things that had slipped out of my comfort zone – skirts being one of them. As I lost more and more of who I really am in terms of what I like to wear, I got to my wit’s end (wherever that is and whatever that means), I raided my wardrobe in an ambition to cull everything and start from scratch. It was then that I suddenly realized the horrible reality that I, little miss fashion blogger, don’t have a skirt. What a goddamn fake and a phony I am.


Vinyl skirt 01
This Look: Zara Military Shirt or an Alternative HereFishnet TightsPark Lane Ankle Boots


But oh, HELLO, look who’s back in the skirt game again. And who was it that brought this beautiful vinyl plum coloured dream of a skirt into my life I hear you ask? Topshop. Of course it was Topshop, you can always rely on those babes for a fashion hero piece.



Vinyl skirt 02


Vinyl skirt 03
This Look: H&M Knitted Beaded JumperFishnet TightsTopshop Trainers


This skirt has already featured in so many of my outfits both for casual days and to smarten up a look for the evening. I love wearing it with a cosy knit to make a bit more of a statement when I want to be comfy.


vinyl skirt 04

Since I’ve lost a bit of femininity in my wardrobe, this skirt is a perfect transition back into being girly as it has quite a grungy vibe and I don’t feel too far out of my comfort zone.


Vinyl skirt 05

This Look: H&M Tassel EarringsTopshop Corset TopFishnet TightsPark Lane Ankle Boots



With a deeper tone and no pattern, this skirt can be worn with all sorts of different colours and prints. But with the rich colour and high shine, this is still an interesting enough piece to wear with something more neutral and minimal. All in all, she’s an absolute corker of a piece and definitely one to be snapped up. Oh and BTW – it comes in three other shades so you’ll be spoiled for choice!



Hope you love this baby as much as I do, if you want more fashion then keep an eye on my YouTube channel where I’ll be rounding up a Mahoosive ASOS haul this week!