Day to Night Dressing – Part 1

To be perfectly honest, I wanted this post to go out on Monday in a bid to be consistent with my blog game. That being said, guess who tried to share her photos from her phone to her laptop and when it didn’t work, tried it again and again and again, leaving her laptop weak and withered as it tried to upload 1,382 photos, when in reality there were only about 100 or so. Technology – 1, Chloe Dangerfield – 0.


So here I am. Back at it again, and today I want to bring you something that holds an incredible power over which pieces I choose to buy and which pieces I leave on the rack for some other schmuck to pick up and look bloody fabulous in: Day/Night dressing. I am a picky little potato when it comes to clothes shopping – if I can’t think of 5 outfits I can wear it with, that piece will not be making its way into my wardrobe. Yep, I’m very cut-throat which is a blessing because I save some dolla being unnecessarily spent and can have a somewhat minimalist wardrobe.. sort of.


So when I find pieces that can be worn for day or night, lunch or party, work or weekend, I’m a very happy chappy, which is why I am bringing you a series of posts of day to night outfit inspiration. So without further ado..



Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Today it’s all about the emerald turquoise cigarette trousers. I picked these Topshop babies up when I was in Glasgow earlier this year and never have I ever found such a good fitting pair of trousers thanks to my short little stumps called legs.


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


As you can see, for my “day” look I’ve paired the trousers with a casual t-shirt (the greatest t-shirt I’ve ever bought if you ask me), a backpack and some very overexposed trainers also from Topshop (sorry that the trainers are hard to see very clearly, I’m still getting the hang of editing a photo without over-editing)! These trousers are pretty formal which is why I’ve gone for super casual vibes in everything else but as you can imagine they would be a great addition to the workwear wardrobe as well.


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Ok, now I know this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking fashion moment and that these photos aren’t all matchy matchy with the day look, but I’m just bringing a little realness over here and showing you that I’m just a girl on a night out taking drunk selfies in the bathroom mirror (because dat mirror dough!) and have my equally drunk friend take some sassy pics of me. In all honesty, I’m surprised these photos turned out as well as they did!


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


So for this look – New Look top, New Look shoes, a lot of alcohol and a shit-tonne of overconfidence and sass, and voila!



I hope this has inspired you to get out there and buy some day and night pieces, or haul some old gems out from the back of the closet! As always, let me know what you think of this post, is this something you would like to see more of?



Have a great weekend, lots of love to you all!

3 things to remember when you completely embarrass yourself

Last week I had that horrible moment of humiliation. The kind where I felt a lead weight in my stomach and a light-headed panic as I realized what I had done. I was at work. The phone rang and it was one of the girls phoning in, putting on an English accent (because us lot all love a good accent). So to go along with this little accent thing she was doing, I went for it too and made general chit-chat in a posh English twang. I can’t really express how hard I went in with the English accent 1. Because it’s hard to emphasize a different accent in writing and 2. Because I’ve blocked out most of what happened in this minute and a half of chat. I do remember saying “daaaaaarling” a lot and being overly enthusiastic about how she was and what she had been up to. I mean, I was going for a recreation of the fields of wheat interview – that’s how full on the accent was. Now, just for a second, imagine talking like this on the phone to your mate.


Now imagine the slow, horrible, painful realization that maybe it isn’t your mate on the phone as they start talking about a refund and a customer order form, still not giving up the put-on posh English accent – because that is their real accent. This is the make or break moment right here; you’ve already done something really stupid, now it’s time to save yourself from full-on humiliation by, oh I don’t know, carrying on with the accent so they think that it’s your accent too, or just explaining your misunderstanding in a “Ha! Lol! What am I like, please laugh with me and this can all go away” kind of way, so that they know you weren’t taking the piss out of them or being weirdly overly friendly with them when they don’t know you.


But of course, I’m a complete idiot in a blind panic at this point, so the accent dropped completely into my normal Scottish voice – absolutely no where close to a posh English accent – and I just carried on with the phone call as normal. I think I did that thing where you just don’t acknowledge what you’ve done so that the other person is (hopefully) none the wiser. But in this situation that person doesn’t know that I thought they were my friend, but they do know that I was putting on a really posh English accent to copy theirs.


So this is a bad enough situation as it is, I just did a really posh English accent in a complete taking-the-piss kind of way to someone who really does have that accent. It would take a real pea-brain to mistake the person on the phone for someone else twice wouldn’t it. Enter stage right: Chloe Dangerfield. That’s right, I then assumed that the person on the phone was a customer, so I tried frantically looking for their name on the customer order system in the hope that I would save myself from my initial embarrassment and come out as the hero who retrieved their order or whatever it was that they wanted. But no no, it turns out it was someone from head office phoning on behalf of a customer. HEAD OFFICE. I just about fell off my chair at this point, and to make matters worse, she asked to speak to a manager. As you can imagine in retail, when someone utters the phrase “can I speak to a manager”, this is not a good sign. I passed the phone to my boss and waited anxiously as I imagined this woman telling my boss what a piss-taking little shit I am and that I ought to be fired immediately for not knowing who she is and that she is from head office. She didn’t, and to this day I still have my job even though I don’t have my dignity, which is fine by me because dignity don’t pay the bills honey.


I know it’s not the most humiliating story in the history of embarrassing moments, but my god I haven’t felt that mortified in a VERY long time! So how did this little dweeb bounce back from it?



  1. Remember that it could have been worse

The number one motto when it comes to embarrassing moments: It always could have been worse! Bear this in mind and you will be able to turn a humiliating mistake into a very mild blunder. I could have sworn, I could have talked about really personal stuff, I could have bitched about someone. Of all the things that I could have said to this woman while I thought she was my friend, general chit chat in a posh accent is absolutely nowhere near the worst.


  1. Remember that you’re only human, and so are your witnesses.

When you do something embarrassing, it’s a very personal thing and causes you to turn inward and evaluate yourself. You are focused on what you have done, what you are feeling, what you are perceived as by the recipients of your humiliation in a you vs them kind of way. But remember to come out of that shell you’ve crawled back into and remember that everyone involved in your humiliating fuck-up are humans as well. We have ALL done embarrassing things, and I think sometimes we feel for the person who has embarrassed themselves because we can all relate to it and empathize with it. Babe, you’re not alone.


  1. Remember to LOL

Humiliation can be a really hurtful bitch if we let it. Remember that in any situation you always have a choice; I had the choice to confess to my embarrassing mistake or hide it. Now I have the choice to turn on myself and wince at what a humiliating experience that was, or simply laugh at what a silly goose I am. There’s no going back now, what’s done is done so cringing about it won’t make it any better, but laughing will. Laughing at yourself can be a wonderful release of your insecurities and makes a painfully embarrassing situation so much lighter on the old ego. What I did is really funny, I spoke in a posh English accent to a complete stranger on the phone. Some may say that making an idiot out of yourself is embarrassing and a sign of weakness, I say it’s all just part of the Chloe Dangerfield experience!

Loving Lilac: Part 2


First thing’s first (I’m the realest): Thank you so much everyone for such a great response to part one of this little blog series I’ve done! (missed it? Catch up on it here). This is a photoshoot I’ve been feeling pretty proud of, mostly because it’s my first one but also because it came together very well and I’m super chuffed that the photos of me didn’t come across as “awkward dweeb pretends she’s a fashionista but has the modelling ability of a goat”. Well – not all of them, I don’t think.. I’ll let you be the judge.



Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Yes – it’s a jumper, it’s maybe not the most “Tropic like it’s hot” look but we’re in Scotland goddammit and I like to be prepared! I think the lilac colour softens the knitwear to make it more summery which is another reason why this colour is so great for this season. Also, I’m obsessing over these cute little socks! If you’re not totally sold on lilac just yet try using it on a smaller scale and you’ll quickly fall in love with it!


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Jumper: Pretty Little Thing – Cap: New Look – Backpack: Topshop – Skirt: H&M – Skirt: H&M – Socks: Asos – Trainers: Nike (obvs)


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


Look number two and it’s little sister’s turn! How unbelievably cuuuuuuuute is this little ensemble!! Everyone seems to be loving sheer material right now and as soon as I mentioned the words “tulle” and “skirt” Cat was totally sold and desperate for this look to be hers. Oh and while this skirt may look very elegant and chic of the week – it’s £12. How bou’ dat?


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


T-Shirt: New Look – Skirt: Boohoo – Trainers: Topshop. – and that’s it: just three simple but lovely elements of this outfit. Who said fashion had to be difficult?


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


And here we have the final look, and what a look it is – would you look at how manic those tigers are! If you think they’re a little intimidating now, wait till you see the close up..


IMG_0275 2.JPG


Boom: Those tigers pack an edgy punch for an otherwise floaty and feminine tea dress. I feel like this would look much more flattering on someone with a smaller bust than these  ‘effin boulders but hey, what can you do.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Dress: ASOS – Trainers: Topshop


And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much again for reading this and for the lovely comments you left on the last post. Which look was your favourite? Let me know below or over on Instagram, I’d really love to hear from you.






Why this colour is a summer must-have

Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, my first “proper” fashion-ey post with an amateur photoshoot to prove it!


So, a couple of weeks ago a little bird told me that lilac is trending right now according to Topshop and as us fashion gals know; if Topshop says it, then it must be true. Obviously. So me and me sister ordered some lovely pieces in this beautiful violet tone and got to work in proving Topshop’s theory to be true.


(Ironically, none of the pieces are from Topshop. Sorry Topshop.)


Now, without further ado..



BOOOM! There she is! People of the blogosphere, meet my not so little sister, semi pro singer and much better model than me; Cat Dangerfield!



This look is a more subtle take on our colour of the moment as it’s the base shade of a mesh top with a floral print, y’know, just for anyone who’s not that excited about lilac. But you totally should be.


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top: New Look – Shorts: Zara – Fishnet Socks: H&M – Trainers: Do I really have to tell you?


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

For look number two we’re giving some edgy American desert vibes with just a touch of lilac on these Pretty Little Thing shorts which, by the way were SIX FREAKING POUNDS!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Nice and floaty for a hot summer day in a foreign land (or a botanical garden) and gives a bit of an edge to this super girly colour (don’t you think?)


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Shorts: Pretty Little Thing – Bomber Jacket and Cap – New Look – Vest Top and Trainers – Topshop .. Ok I lied, there are a couple of things from Topshop. Are we forgiven now?



Here I am being a stereotypical blogger holding an imaginary (and massive) phone, acting like I know how to be candid..


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ok, sarcastic moment aside, here is look number three. We were trying to tick all the SS17 boxes here with gingham, frills and lilac. What do you think?


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top: New Look – Trousers: Zara (shoutout to Gemma for the loan!) – lilac hairspray: Superdrug (it doesn’t stay in for very long but it’s cheap AF and ideal for a quick photo opportunity)


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Stay tuned next week for three more lovely lilac looks, I really hope you enjoyed this post and are feeling inspired to wear this gorgeous colour over the summer months.

As always, please feel free to drop me a comment below or on my Instagram and let me know what you think of this post, I’d really love to hear from you!


Happy Hump Day Everyone!





The Graduate: Idea vs Reality

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Anniversary to the “adult” me!


Yup that’s right – I’ve been in the adult world for one whole year now, and what a year it’s been! For all the students, graduates and anyone struggling through the game of grown up life after education, brace yourselves and read on..


The 19th of May 2016 was the end of a big old era for me. I was sitting in the gym hall at Robert Gordon University, perched at a tiny square desk with spare pens at one end and a bottle of water underneath. My papers were closed and my pen lay on the table as I calmly looked around everyone furiously scribbling down answers and flipping pages back and forth. I sat back in my chair and looked up at the clock on the scoreboard. We had seven minutes left. I was excited, overwhelmed and a little bit emotional at the thought of this being my last ever moment in full time education, but in six minutes I would finally be as free as a fucking bird – I didn’t give a shit about uni anymore, or clinical psychology, or whether pharmaceuticals are an effective treatment for mental health disorders (they’re not, apparently). I had been dreaming of this for months, counting down the days until my life could finally start and I could do whatever I wanted. In five minutes I would walk out the door with my friends and have no clue what I would do with my life besides getting drunk that afternoon, I had no idea what life would really be like as a graduate.


photo credit: Barns Photography 


In reality, the few months that followed were very different to the idyllic vision that I had about finishing uni. Within a couple of days the feeling of finally being free turned into “shit, now what?!”. I quickly realized that being a graduate is not an easy time when you’ve studied a very vague degree subject and have very little idea on what you want to do, or even what you can do with it. Turns out I had worked so relentlessly on my dissertation and degree that, at the end of it, I had no idea what my identity was or what my dream job looked like or where to even look for jobs. Uni had chewed me up and spat me back out with a first class honours degree but no idea what to do with it. As dramatic as it sounds, I really did fall into quite a hopeless and depressive state once it was all over. There were a lot of tears and time in bed (I wish I was exaggerating). I felt overwhelmed and undereducated when it came to finding a graduate job and I was constantly worrying about whether I would ever manage to get “a proper job”. I thought that having a degree meant that you had your shit together, you had made it, you were qualified to get a high-flying job with adult-like status and start earning big bucks. The truth is, more often than not, you start right at the bottom and that can be a really hard pill to swallow when you’ve worked your ass off for four years thinking that you’ll reap the rewards in your dream job as soon as your student card expires. In reality, the fear of failure made it hard to apply for any job; I was underqualified for the positions that I wanted because my degree course wasn’t specific enough, but I felt that if I got a low-level job then I’ve wasted my degree and failed at life. I had been very wrong about my idea of freedom and to be honest, I don’t know why I ever thought that it would be easy.


photo credit: Filipe Dos Santos Mendes


It took months of anxiety, rejection emails, how I met your mother, keeping up with the Kardashians, the millionaire matchmaker, more rejection emails, orange is the new black, this morning, skins, “shit I better apply for more jobs”, Gogglebox, first dates, and I can’t believe I’m saying this – real housewives of Atlanta, real housewives of orange county, real housewives of Beverly hills, real housewives of Melbourne, real housewives of New York, Real Housewives of Miami and of course, Real Housewives of New Jersey. Somewhere in amongst the binge watching and hiding from reality, I would pick myself up and apply for a job, which would take HOURS – just for one job – that I wasn’t really desperate for anyway or probably wouldn’t get! And I’m not talking about massive opportunities here, half the time I was just applying for sales assistant jobs. Who knew that to work at a till and be polite you have to have a year’s experience, never mind a degree or a good work ethic or really good people skills. Why would no one hire me? What was wrong with me?! I fell into a hopeless spiral and Netflix became my escape from the real world, but the sinking feeling of coming back to reality made it a love/hate relationship. Spoiler: good things don’t come to those who watch an unhealthy amount of TV – unless you’re Scarlett Moffat, which I’m not. So I knew that I had to get up off my ass and keep going no matter what, because even though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I couldn’t just lie in bed and mope for the rest of my life, I knew I was better than that.


photo credit: Averie Woodard


Don’t get me wrong, the summer of 2016 was full of highs as well as lows; I had an awesome graduation day and a grad ball snapchat story that lasted about a week (this is my sign of a very good night), plus, I had achieved the impossible – a first class honours degree!  After these months of anxiety and worrying, things started to come together; I found myself a place to live thanks to family, I got myself a job thanks to a friend, and even though I’m not living the #goals lifestyle, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Now listen up, if I could give one – no, three words of advice to any student or graduate or to myself this time last year, it would be – wait for it – “chill the fuck out!”.. ok that’s four.




But seriously, Chill out! No one ever said that graduate life would be easy, or that you need to have your shit together; that all comes from worrying about what everyone else is doing and what you think you should be doing, rather than what you want to be doing. Once you give up those worries you’ll save yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress, and you’ll realize that life still runs it’s course. I didn’t get a “graduate” or “adult” job, and I was waitressing for a good few months until I even got a tiny bit further up the career ladder into the world of retail. But I can pay the bills, I have more money in the bank than I did as a student I have a roof over my head, I still have my family and friends – along with new ones, and I’m blogging! That’s the real dream come true here.


I hope my ramblings have helped anyone out there feeling shit to feel a little less shit about their situation! If you’re one of these people please let me know by commenting below or on my social accounts (look to the right), I’d love to hear what you thought of this post.



Have a great weekend everyone!






4 Simple But Life-Changing Blogging Tips

Happy Monday Everyone!


I hope you’re all feeling fired up and ready to have an awesome week! All of you lovely lot who are following me on the gram will have seen that last weekend I was back in the big smoke at the Career Girl Academy. For those of you who don’t know what that is – 1. Where have you been?! And 2. Read all about my last adventure to it here.




Once again, Career Girl Daily put on an amazing event at the Hoxton hotel, but even better; the whole day was dedicated to talks on blogging and social media from guest speakers, rather than tips on starting up and growing a business which was discussed more heavily in their previous events. Don’t get me wrong, I love the business chat and it does come in handy for the established blogger I hope to be one day, but right now I’m all about the blog life and social media, so this event was my favourite one yet!




The talks have really got me motivated to get my ass in gear and take on board the great advice, so last week I hit the reset button, got my shit together and started on a total blog overhaul using these 4 simple tips:




  1. Take it seriously

Yep, they really are simple ones (I told you so), but since I am the queen of being vague and non committal with things that scare me a little, this is genuinely something I haven’t been doing when I should be. As Chloe Watts from ChloeDigital told us – a blog is your business; sure, you could be sitting alone in your room when you’re writing it, but if you want to get anywhere with it you have to start treating it as your own company. She explained; If a manager at Starbuck’s decided they didn’t want to open up one day, their customers would be pissed off and their faith in the brand would be lost – it’s the same with blogging, you have to be reliable and consistent so that your readers know what to expect from you and become more likely to buy into your blog as a result. Celina and Beth from Career Girl Daily told us that they started taking their blog seriously from day one; they would publish 7 posts per day (!!!) and treated it as their own business long before they were making money from it, which is what made their blog such a success. So from now on I really want to get my head down, post more regularly, and start planning my life around the blog rather than planning the blog around my life, which brings me to my next tip…




  1. Create a solid editorial calendar

I mean obviously, yes – you need to plan, and I do plan.. or so I thought. Every month I have sat down with my little notebook, written down an idea for a blog post for each week of the month and felt super organised. I then shut the book, forget to look at it because it’s separate to my “everything else” calendar, and just like that; a week goes by with no blog post and no clue what it was going to be about anyway! Who else can relate?

A common tip that ran through all the talks of the day was that you need to be organised and decisive if you want to stay on top of your blogging game. Career Girl Daily runs on a two weekly editorial calendar, most of the other bloggers attending the event schedule posts in advance, and a tip given by Chloe Watts was that it makes no sense to keep your calendars separate; if you have work on Tuesday night and a blog post to publish for Wednesday then you need to plan around that.

So last week I marched on down to paperchase, picked up an A5 weekly planner flipchart, and mapped out the next two weeks of my blog to an absolute T. I’ve written down my work days, nights that I’m maybe going to the gym, when I will write a post, when it will be published, and when I will read other blogs. It’s a little obsessive, I know, but I already feel so much more at ease knowing what I’m doing for the next two weeks, and it feels much more manageable than trying to plan a whole month.




  1. Content is King

Content was another big talking point throughout the day, which is exactly what I needed because coming up with ideas on what to write about has been a bit of a struggle for me lately. I asked the brains behind Career Girl Daily on how they tackle writer’s block and fire out great content every day; their sources of inspiration include getting out of the office, watching TV programmes and talking through ideas amongst each other. They also use Buzzsumo – a website which allows you to type in a keyword to see what is trending in that topic. I gave this a go and wow what a difference! I’m feeling much more inspired and full of ideas on what I can write about, with the added guarantee that they are current topics that people are reading more about.

Experimenting with unexpected topics was another idea discussed by both Chloe Watts and Dani and Charlotte from social media company BeBorn Social. They advised that thinking outside the box is important to keep your blog current and that 10% of what you write about should be something you’ve never done before, whether that’s travel, beauty, cats, or whatever. Coming up with original content can be really tricky, so to make your blog stand out and be the chosen destination for you readers you have to put yourself into it – use your own style and your own “voice” or opinions on a topic, and don’t be afraid to get personal because that will keep you relatable to your readers. There are soooo many blogs out there but there’s only one you, so use your personality and make it your greatest selling point.




  1. Network and share the love

One of the best parts of the Career Girl Academy, aside from the amazing advice from inspiring career women, is the chance to meet other bloggers just like you. Blogging can be a very isolating hobby or career to have, and if you’re doing it alone it can be hard to feel motivated and keep yourself accountable when you fall behind on your goals. I’m lucky now because I feel part of a little blogging community, with girls I can look up to and ask questions to when I’m stuck, as well as girls I can help out if they ever need it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask other bloggers for advice, or tell them if you love what they’re doing and invite them over to your little patch on the web. This isn’t only the case for bloggers though, tell your readers about what is coming up on your blog too! Find out more about them, ask them what they want to see more of on your blog and reply to every damn comment (as much as you can)! Remember, we’re all people here and the internet has been a gift of connectivity, so let’s use that!


I hope this has been helpful for any new bloggers out there or anyone who is stuck in a rut. I’d love to hear what you think or if you have any other blogging tips that have helped you, so feel free to comment below or on my social accounts.


Have a great week and hustle hard lovelies!

My Top 10 from the Met Gala

Once again, it’s been a while! I’ve been in search of inspiration not only for blog content but for my wardrobe too. So far I’ve been finding a few solutions and ideas, letting them slowly simmer away at the back of my mind rather than grasping hold of them as I probably should.


Then BOOM: The Met Gala! Of course! I always forget it’s coming up and then suddenly the internet explodes with all the celebs on the red carpet in either the finest couture or something very avant-garde, or a camouflage get-up that would rival Gary tank commander (sorry Madonna, sorry Moschino). I get serious FOMO if I don’t scrawl through every outfit of the Met Gala and this year was no exception, see below for the faves.


adriana lima the telegraph
 Credit: The Telegraph/Getty

Adriana Lima – let’s face it, she would look stunning in anything, but this velvet V-neck with the thigh slit is the classy way forward for showing boobs and legs!



candice swanepoel daily mail - getty
Credit: The Daily Mail/ Getty Images

Another Victoria Secret model, another black dress, but would you look at that waist! Candice Swanepoel wearing this beautiful Topshop gown just 6 months after having a baby makes me feel a little inadequate as a human.



stella maxwell the telegraph getty
Credit: The Telegraph/ Getty

Stella maxwell, you beautiful sexy creature. Pearls for daaaaaaaayyss proving that H&M isn’t just about the high street.



gigi hadid the telegraph rex
Credit: The Telegraph/Rex

We’ve all been there, it’s a formal event but wtf do you wear?! Do you go for full-on ballgown? Will that make you look overdressed? What if you want to show some leg? But you really like the ballgown..

Gigi Hadid has answered our prayers – wear both! Oh and it’s a Tommy Hilfiger number – obvs.



katie holmes the guardian jamie mcCarthy:film magic
Credit: The Guardian/Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Bardot shoulders – love.

Teal – love.

Ruffles – love.

Fishtail – love.

Oh and that ass.. !! Katie Holmes you babe!



priyanka chopra the telegraph rex
Credit: The Telegraph/Rex

Last year it was the omelette train from Rihanna, this year it’s a beautiful flowy train of caramel, or fudge.. or something else that’s the colour of Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren trench.



zandaya the telegraph invision
Credit: The Telegraph/Invision

Zendaya is serving Copacabana Dolce and Gabbana realness with the parrot print and humidity hair. I’m loving it! Makes me want to go on holiday!



Credit: The Daily Mail/David Fisher/Rex/Shutterstock

Bump couture from Serena Williams in what is apparently her red carpet debut! That colour is absolutely dreamy and one of my faves right now. If I could look like this when I’m pregnant I’d be one happy gal.



nikki minaj the guardian Neilson Barnard:Getty images
Credit: The Guardian/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

YES! FINALLY! Nikki Minaj has done Nikki Minaj in a classy way!! I freaking love this lil H&M number giving me flamenco vibes, I say one ought to make the most of any opportunity to wear a train!



blake lively the telegraph getty
Credit: The Telegraph/ Getty

I mean come on. If anyone can’t find Blake Lively on a best dressed list then I have no faith in this world. Would you just. look. at. her! The gold paired with the blue feathers is absolutely stunning, that paired with her body is an outfit-gasm! Is this the Versace that Bruno Mars was referring to?



So that’s my favourite 10 from this year’s Met. Would you agree with my choices??




The “FRIENDS” Guide to Adulting

So no one told you life was gonna be this way. You thought being a grown up would be fun and you could do what you want, but oh no. Welcome to the real world. It sucks! When the summer of 2016 ended, so did my days as a student. Within a couple of days, I moved from student accommodation into a flat for a grown-ass lady and a fulltime job. I was flung into the world of bills, tax, living on my own, and working 40 hours a week. The journey of adulting had begun.

As a child of the nineties and noughties, I am one of many millenials who learned the lessons of being a grown up not from school, or parents, but from “Friends”. Over the past seven months Friends has become my vital roadmap in navigating the grown up world and is now more important than ever before in validating that I’m getting by just fine in my semi-adult, “will I ever get my life together?!” state. If adulting gives you the fear, or if you’re struggling through the terrifying realm of grown-up-hood, keep reading..

I always thought that when you grow up you’ll have lots of life experience that can be used as advice for your friends. But the truth is, you are either going through exactly the same problem or a completely different problem, which makes you utterly useless..



..Take relationships for example; I said these exact words to myself as a hormonal 14 year old with “feelings” (eww) for someone unexpected. 8 years later and I’m still with the guy, about to move in with him and live our grown up lives together (WTF?!). Adulting and relationships are a yucky, scary and (if you get it right) wonderful combination. Embrace the feelings, even if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing or where it might end up.


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Oh and while we’re talking about grown up relationships, you thought that being sexy would just come naturally, didn’t you? Well, as you grow up and wait for the sexiness and power of seduction to fall upon you, you realize that it’s actually a rare talent that you either have or you don’t. I’m 22, in an 8 year relationship, and I’m still just about as sexy as a llama chewing a marshmallow.



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But back to those feelings.. when you’re a grown up you have to learn how to manage them and take responsibility when it all gets too much. But not only that, you have to get the balance right on the honesty scale, which is easier said than done.


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Oh and no one told you about how shocking it is when you first experience age. One minute you’re young, the next minute you’re still young but you’re able to say that you lived through a time where there were nokia’s instead of iPhones, cartoon network instead of netflix and tamagotchi’s instead of iPads. Now, sit down for this one ….. the kids who are turning now 18 were born in 2001; a completely different millennium to you. Sorry bout it.

HA! Gotcha! The millennials are not turning 18 yet. I did not have to just edit this because I can’t do basic maths …. (I am SO not ready for the adult world!)

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As hard as it is, you have to face the facts and admit that you are getting old. When you were a student you enjoyed drinking, sleeping, and drinking. Now that you’re an adult, you enjoy going out for dinner, sleeping, and coming home to a clean house goddamit! Once upon a time my bedroom looked like a bombsite, now I absolutely lose my shit if bae leaves a sock on the floor.


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As a student, you were accustomed to being skint. As a graduate, you work full time but still wind up skint with a little less payments from the bank of mum and dad..


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Yep, you thought you would get rich when you were grown up. You thought that when you’re an adult you’ve made it, you’re successful and you have your shit together. I don’t know if this comes from society, ourselves, or both, but I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that this is 100% not the case. Adulthood is definitely not about having your shit together, but we think that it is and that everyone around us does have their life all figured out. So we act as if we’re totally fine and happy with the way things are going for us and tell people that it’s all part of the plan …


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..But the truth is, there is no plan ….. EVER!



Even if we did have a plan, life finds a way of ruining it..


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.. sometimes shit hits the fan unexpectedly. As an adult you have to make executive decisions and deal with whatever has broken, whether it’s a fridge or your ability to smile through the dead end job and questions about when you’re ever going to get married or pregnant. Some of these decisions will be good ones…


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..others will not. For anyone who’s ever gotten drunk, dated a (really) bad guy, or completely cremated a pizza in the oven at the age of 22 – I think we can all relate. Adulting is not about having your shit together, it’s about learning to be ok with not having your shit together…




Because let’s face it, we’re all just as clueless as each other when it comes to adulting, right?





What I learned from a colour specialist


I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with black clothes lately. It’s the safe option, it goes with everything, you don’t have to worry so much about spilling food on it – definitely a priority for me as a clumsy food whore. Black is often our security blanket or comfort food when it comes to clothes, but.. just one lil problem… all black errthang doesn’t really cut the mustard for summer vibes.


Speaking of mustard! – I got this beaut in the Zara sale for about a tenner last week, and it’s already a hit! It’s been on a date night, out for drinks with the gals, and picked up a couple of compliments along the way. Now, the sleeves are challenging for the clumsy food whore that I am, but I’m willing to be extra careful for this one.

This colour has neeeeeeeever EVER been on my radar. So what made me brave enough to take the plunge? A consultation with a colour specialist that’s what. And nope, I had no idea such a thing existed either until mother dearest enlightened me. For months, maybe even years, mum has been going to a colour specialist and showing off her little wallet with swatches of the colours she goes looking for in the clothes she buys, because they’re guaranteed to suit her skin tone, eye colour, etc. She doesn’t wear a lot of black. She always gets compliments. She had to hook me up.


So two weeks ago mum took me to a consultation with Linzie, a colour specialist for Colour Me Beautiful. We went to her g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s house tucked away in the countryside and after an essential cup of tea, Linzie sat me down in front of her mirror and got to work. First, she experimented with colour palettes by draping some collars around me, one collar had bright shades, one was more muted, and others she instinctively dismissed without having to bring them anywhere near me. She decided that my dominant colouring is soft and muted, but with some deep shades thrown in there too; so I should wear gentle colours but they aren’t necessarily dull. This also means that I should wear tones that are from the same colour groups (different shades of blue), or shades that are only a couple of shades lighter/darker. So taupe can be worn with a natural beige, or light navy with salmon pink. Basically “nothing shouty”, as Linzie instructed; I ought to avoid wearing colours and shades that are too contrasting against eachother, and .. wait for it .. no black!


So the question to all of this is WHYYYYYYY?!?! Why can’t I just wear all black errthang, or go wild and throw on royal blue with pumpkin orange?! Well, because then it’s not you wearing the clothes; the clothes wear you! You want to wear colours that are going to highlight your best features, not hide them. Linzie told me that my eyes are my strength, and the soft, deep shades will showcase them rather than distract people away from them, while the warmth of the chosen colours will keep my skin tone looking warm too. To demonstrate, Linzie held up different colours against me which was something of an illusion. With the wrong shade, the colour would drain from my face and your eyes went straight to the colour; with the right shade the warmth was injected back into my skin, and your eyes went straight to mine. Some wise words from Linzie; “if a woman wears the wrong colour, people remember the colour; if she wears the right colour, they remember the woman”.


After Linzie carefully chose my swatches, we got to makeup. Linzie told me that for a night out – let my makeup do the talking, but for the daytime, let my features do the talking. Then she told me something that I was glad to be sitting down for – blue eyeshadow. Blue. Eyeshadow. I was sceptical and absolutely dreading it. I don’t think I’ve had blue eyeshadow on since I was 11 and at a sleepover, listening to Girls Aloud. But, Linzie performed something of a miracle and I am well and truly converted; blue eye makeup really does showcase brown eyes people!! Only a tiny bit in the outer corners and my eyes became the first thing you would look at rather than the makeup. I was very pleasantly surprised.

After experimenting with lipstick and blusher shades that tick the soft and muted boxes, Linzie’s work was complete. I have my own little wallet of swatches with the colours that will suit me and highlight them big brown eyes. The colours I’m excited about – sky blue, shell pink, and soft violet. The colours that still scare me – evergreen, coffee brown, and pumpkin orange. But, I’ve been given a little nod of approval I often need and the confidence to go forth and wear a mustard yellow blouse with blue eyeshadow. Black can take a back seat for a while.


I love learning about what works for me and what doesn’t in terms of what I wear, so meeting Linzie and hearing her expert opinion was amazing. I’m feeling excited about injecting more colour into my wardrobe and being a bit braver with what I throw on. To me, fashion is about art, trends, creativity, but style is all about YOU and who you want to be, what you want to say, and knowing what makes you look good and feel good.



Have a great weekend!!