A Fashion Girl Guide to Packing

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!


Sorry for the massive photo up there or if it’s cropped itself in it’s “featured image” section of this post, I’m still figuring out this blogging malarkey! Welcome along to my second contribution to the blogosphere, and thank you so much for such a good reaction to the first one, I’m feeling much more at home on the world wide web than I was before, sort of!

So while many of you are still nursing the Hogmanay hangovers or getting stuck in to resolutions for the new year, I am packing my bags for an adventure to Prague! (sense the massive grin on my face!!!!!)

But ah what does one take on such an intrepid adventure? How does a typical fashion-loving gal pick a select number of outfits from her bulging wardrobe that will be practical, but won’t push her poor case over the edge of the 20 something kg baggage allowance, or worse; not look her best. At all times. The horror!

So here’s a fashion-y post for you to have a little nosey at some of the items coming with me to the Czech Republic, all of which are beginning with “D” to make a fun little game of I spy at the same time. What fun!


The Day ‘n’ Night Dress


It’s velvet. It’s pretty. Bonus points for the long sleeves in the cold weather. But wait a sec! I can wear this little Topshop number in the AM and the PM! By day I’ll be pairing it with some shiny new River Island trainers, my Topshop backpack, and a trusty lil bobble hat. By night, she will be taken down to the hotel restaurant with strappy black new look heels and some glammy accessories. I would like to stress that it will be the *hotel* restaurant because HA! LOL! Am I heck going out in minus degrees with my bare toes and legs out. A humble one degree and I would consider it but temperatures below zero?! It’s a no from me.


 The “Did you pack a..?”


There’s always one thing (or one hundred things) that your mum pesters you about packing even though you have managed to survive life so far remembering said things. “Did you bring your chargers?”, “Did you remember your passport?”, or in this case “did you pack a jumper?” Why yes mum, I packed TWO jumpers, and they’re soft and cosy and they go with basically all my clothes! Seriously though, these H&M jumpers are so good I got two exactly the same, double yay that they are now in the sales for SEVEN POUND! Overspending on clothes has become one less thing you get pestered for by your mum. You’re welcome.


The “Dayyum”


So this one is the “dayyum”, and boy she is a dame! She’s a River Island mesh crop top with some pretty floral embroidery and the sneaky low cut to big up the sassiness on a night out, but in a way that’ll still keep people’s eyes on your face. 10/10. It’s that stand out, bold, sass-queen item that screams one word and one word only. You have three guesses.


The Dazzlers


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve been seeing a lot of low key, minimalist outfits that have been dressed up with a bit of sparkle, or “frosting” to the fans of how to lose a guy in ten days (Love. That. Film.). These are my trusty pieces of jewellery that will add subtle sass to my outfits with minimal baggage weight for the flight. Featuring my good old friends; Swarovski and Pandora, and a stunning rose gold set from Equilibrium, along with a basic black clutch bag from Primark and this beaut of a purse from the River Island sale for ultimate mermaid vibes. Happy Days.




Hope you have a fab first week of 2017, be sure to follow my adventures over on Instagram and feel free to leave a comment below!