My Top 10 from the Met Gala

Once again, it’s been a while! I’ve been in search of inspiration not only for blog content but for my wardrobe too. So far I’ve been finding a few solutions and ideas, letting them slowly simmer away at the back of my mind rather than grasping hold of them as I probably should.


Then BOOM: The Met Gala! Of course! I always forget it’s coming up and then suddenly the internet explodes with all the celebs on the red carpet in either the finest couture or something very avant-garde, or a camouflage get-up that would rival Gary tank commander (sorry Madonna, sorry Moschino). I get serious FOMO if I don’t scrawl through every outfit of the Met Gala and this year was no exception, see below for the faves.


Adriana Lima – let’s face it, she would look stunning in anything, but this velvet V-neck with the thigh slit is the classy way forward for showing boobs and legs!



Another Victoria Secret model, another black dress, but would you look at that waist! Candice Swanepoel wearing this beautiful Topshop gown just 6 months after having a baby makes me feel a little inadequate as a human.



Stella maxwell, you beautiful sexy creature. Pearls for daaaaaaaayyss proving that H&M isn’t just about the high street.



We’ve all been there, it’s a formal event but wtf do you wear?! Do you go for full-on ballgown? Will that make you look overdressed? What if you want to show some leg? But you really like the ballgown..

Gigi Hadid has answered our prayers – wear both! Oh and it’s a Tommy Hilfiger number – obvs.



Bardot shoulders – love.

Teal – love.

Ruffles – love.

Fishtail – love.

Oh and that ass.. !! Katie Holmes you babe!



Last year it was the omelette train from Rihanna, this year it’s a beautiful flowy train of caramel, or fudge.. or something else that’s the colour of Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren trench.



Zendaya is serving Copacabana Dolce and Gabbana realness with the parrot print and humidity hair. I’m loving it! Makes me want to go on holiday!



Bump couture from Serena Williams in what is apparently her red carpet debut! That colour is absolutely dreamy and one of my faves right now. If I could look like this when I’m pregnant I’d be one happy gal.



YES! FINALLY! Nikki Minaj has done Nikki Minaj in a classy way!! I freaking love this lil H&M number giving me flamenco vibes, I say one ought to make the most of any opportunity to wear a train!



I mean come on. If anyone can’t find Blake Lively on a best dressed list then I have no faith in this world. Would you just. look. at. her! The gold paired with the blue feathers is absolutely stunning, that paired with her body is an outfit-gasm! Is this the Versace that Bruno Mars was referring to?



So that’s my favourite 10 from this year’s Met. Would you agree with my choices??