4 ways to style a T-Shirt for the best off du-tee look

Hurrah, a new blog post AND it’s almost the freakin’ weekend!


My plans for this weekend include wine, friends, chatting, food shopping, cleaning and horse riding. And that’s one of my more exciting weekends – I live a wild life don’t I.


So usually on the weekends and any day where I’m not working, not doing an awful lot but I am required to get dressed, you will most likely find me in one of my many t-shirts. For me, the t-shirt is a humble and underrated fashion staple because although it is super casual and a somewhat lazy option for your #OOTD, the modest little T-shirt has very few limits and can be styled in a number of ways for a chilled (but fashionable, obvs) weekend vibe.




T-Shirt: merch (obvs)  –  Jeans: River Island  –  Trainers: Topshop    Handbag: Michael Kors  –  Earrings: H&M  –  Lipstick: Clinique


1. Basic but sassy

This is such a basic and fuss-free combo which is exactly how I like my combos! Just jeans t-shirt and trainers but paired with a classic handbag, sexy red lipstick and some mahoosive earrings.




T-Shirt, Loafers and Earrings: H&M  –  Culottes: Topshop      Handbag and Watch: Michael Kors  –  Perfume: Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs

2. Casual gold luxe

If there’s a way to glam up a tshirt it’s by adding some gold accessories and details, am I right? This, again, is pretty basic – just a stripy tee with a fun little cactus on it (thank you H&M), and some incredibly comfy culottes (thank you Topshop).




T-Shirt: Mango  –  Skirt: H&M  –  Trainers and Backpack: Topshop  –  Rings and Bangle: Pandora  –  Lipstick: Colour Me Beautiful          Nail Varnish: Petal Pushers by Essie

3. Pretty pastels

T-shirts can be pretty mundane and boyish but pastel colours make anything feminine and girly, right? So here it is, the proof is in the pudding. The nail varnish is petal pushers by Essie and it’s my favourite RN and goes so well with the grey t shirt.




T-Shirt: Kenzo x H&M  –  Shorts: Zara  –  Choker: River Island    Trainers: Nike  –  Handbag: Oasis


4. Vibrant leather

Part of me wondered if this was a bit too much but I think when you have a kenzo t shirt and bright nike high tops, there’s only one direction you’re heading in and it’s not to subtlesville. Also, sorry that the shorts are soooo blooming’ creased, I tried ironing them and it just wasn’t happening. I think the secret is to hang them up straight after you’ve washed them and not leave them chilling in the machine for three days. But anyways, I really love this, what dyou think?



So there you have it, four ideas on how to get maximum sass and minimum effort out of your basic t-shirts. I hope this has given you some inspiration for a chilled weekend outfit, whatever your plans are!



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