8 Self Care Hacks for when Life Gets Too Much


Happy Hump Day Huns!


Now, if there’s something we can all agree on it’s that everyone needs some “me time” every now and again, am I right? Whether it’s after a busy day, a long day, or just a flat out rubbish one that we can’t wait to see the back of, we owe it to ourselves to pause before going to bed defeated and give ourselves a pick-me-up, show ourselves some kindness and practice a little bit of self care. Here is a list of my favourite self-care activities for when I need to give myself some TLC, enjoy!




  1. Reading

I know what you’re thinking; “Reading? For relaxing? …. Groundbreaking.” But come on, it works; getting lost in a good read is a great escape from life. I love making some time to read a factual book that will teach me more about what I love and how the pros do it, but my fave blogs and magazine subscription are also featured in my reading list.



  1. Baths

There’s nothing like banishing your worries away than sweating it all out and stewing in your own filth, is there? Since I don’t have my own bath anymore I have a B-WAB (bestie with a bath) who I am keeping very close solely for that reason. Upgrade your bath with candles, bath bomb, glass of wine, book, or….



  1. Pamper/movie night

… go for a full on pamper night. Give yourself an at-home manicure (posh word for just filing and painting ‘em), get a face mask on the go, and chill the fuck out, stick on a good film too just for good measure. This is my absolute favourite when I need me time on a budget




  1. Time With a Friend

We all have that one friend (or many friends) we can rely on for helping us escape from reality and make us feel a little bit more normal. Go for a walk, have a cuppa, have a night in together, have a night out together, let them take the worries away from you just as you would for them. I stay close to my friends but even if I want to be on my own, I can still give them a message or have a walk by myself to clear the ol’ head.



  1. Colouring in

When I don’t fancy reading I love colouring in. It’s no secret that putting pretty pens to paper is very therapeutic and gives a sense of accomplishment when the masterpiece is all done.






  1. A Good Cuppa

If you’re looking for me time on the go, you’ll find it in a mug with some steam coming out the top. A cup of tea, coffee, or a hot chocolate (if you’re feeling crazy) is like therapy that doesn’t involve any people or any talking. As much as we drink these things on the go or associate them with work, it’s good to stop from time to time and do nothing but enjoy a cuppa.



  1. Tidy

Ok I know, it doesn’t sound that relaxing but mess = stress people. I don’t know about you but when I’m tidying or organising something – whether it’s my makeup bag, my purse, my files on my laptop, or that drawer we all have that’s just full of crap– I get so stuck into it and focused that I do find it quite relaxing when it’s done in small doses. Once I’m finished I feel a tiny sense of accomplishment that it’s finally tidied and more manageable.



  1. Listen to a Podcast/Music

Basic, I know, but music is so powerful and really does change the mood we’re in. I will always be plugged into Spotify when I’m walking somewhere, on a bus, or working on my laptop and it does make these mundane things a little bit more interesting. My favourite feel-good playlists on Spotify include Feel Good Friday (obvs), All Good! And Throwback Thursday.






So what’s your go-to when you need some chill time?

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