Vinyl Skirt: 3 Ways


As a lot of you may know already, skirts have not been my thing for a while. It wasn’t a conscious decision to just eradicate them from my wardrobe or something that I was even aware of, but for god knows how long now I haven’t owned a single skirt. You may be wondering how I possibly had enough sassy pieces to wear if I didn’t have a skirt – well, I didn’t. I was constantly struggling to find anything to wear for literally any sort of activity and little confidence to wear even basic things that had slipped out of my comfort zone – skirts being one of them. As I lost more and more of who I really am in terms of what I like to wear, I got to my wit’s end (wherever that is and whatever that means), I raided my wardrobe in an ambition to cull everything and start from scratch. It was then that I suddenly realized the horrible reality that I, little miss fashion blogger, don’t have a skirt. What a goddamn fake and a phony I am.


Vinyl skirt 01

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But oh, HELLO, look who’s back in the skirt game again. And who was it that brought this beautiful vinyl plum coloured dream of a skirt into my life I hear you ask? Topshop. Of course it was Topshop, you can always rely on those babes for a fashion hero piece.



Vinyl skirt 02



This skirt has already featured in so many of my outfits both for casual days and to smarten up a look for the evening. I love wearing it with a cosy knit to make a bit more of a statement when I want to be comfy.


vinyl skirt 04

Since I’ve lost a bit of femininity in my wardrobe, this skirt is a perfect transition back into being girly as it has quite a grungy vibe and I don’t feel too far out of my comfort zone.


Vinyl skirt 05



With a deeper tone and no pattern, this skirt can be worn with all sorts of different colours and prints. But with the rich colour and high shine, this is still an interesting enough piece to wear with something more neutral and minimal. All in all, she’s an absolute corker of a piece and definitely one to be snapped up. Oh and BTW – it comes in three other shades so you’ll be spoiled for choice!



Hope you love this baby as much as I do, if you want more fashion then keep an eye on my YouTube channel where I’ll be rounding up a Mahoosive ASOS haul this week!