3 Ways to Wear a Bright Colour

Every now and again I find myself stuck in a fashion rut with a need to break out, it’s something I’m sure we all experience at some point or another. While bright and bold pieces give us the promise to get out of that good old comfort zone, it can be easy to shy away from them and crawl back into our black skinny jeans and oversized knit jumper we’ve grown oh so attached to. We tell ourselves “I couldn’t wear that”, “it won’t go with anything I have”, “I don’t have anything to wear it to”. But with a couple of fashion tweaks and a hint of indulgence in a piece you instantly love, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to wear a bold shade.


Red Fashion

The Details

We all know that red has been THE colour for A/W17, but if wearing head-to-toe pillar box gives you the fear then I suggest you start small. Find an item that has small hints of bright red in the print or design to ease you into the trend, and I promise you’ll be feeling braver after a couple of wears.



Red Fashion

The Accessories

What better way to bring a bold new colour in to your life than with the accessories, am I right? Throwing on a jazzy set of earrings and a swipe of red lipstick is all it takes to up your fashion game in one minute. This will add some bold shades to a simple outfit for minimal effort and maximum style.



Red Fashion

The Item

So you’re feeling braver now, right? Or you’ve found a piece that’s so effing gorgeous that you don’t even care how bright the colour is? I found these trousers in River Island a couple of months ago and instantly thought “LORDY I MUST HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE NOW”. They were straight in my basket regardless of whether they would work in my wardrobe or if I felt confident enough to wear them. Life is too short to have the fear over a pair of bright red trousers am I right?! Whether you keep the rest subtle or go all out with your matching red accessories, you’re nailing it. Go forth and have no fear my dear, wear that piece with pride and be the stylish sass-queen that you are inside!





Have a fabulous week you beautiful thing!