The End of Glamour Magazine and My Confession to Vogue


For most of my young adulthood, fashion magazines have held a special place in my soul. When I was 15, my bedroom walls were covered in magazine cutouts from whatever publication I could get my hands on. Sometimes it was Mizz or Look, other times I was sneaking page spreads from old Vogue’s, Elle’s and Cosmo’s that the school’s art department stored for design development work. Now, my cutouts have come off the walls and either into scrapbooks or on to my beloved pinboard and for the pastย few years, my Glamour Magazine subscription has become a monthly self-care ritual. Whether I’m snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea or in a nice hot bath, I’ve taken the chance to switch off from the online world and enjoy the latest Glamour issue.



This month, at first, was no exception. As always, I felt a little bit excited toย see the white plastic parcel come through my letterbox and I tore it open to see who was on the cover of January’s Glamour magazine. But it wasn’t Glamour – it was Vogue. As I read the attached letter I was left even more confused and, in my usual fashion, took to Google, only to learn that Glamour magazine has now taken an online format and basically is no longer a print magazine anymore. WHAT?! Is anyone as upset about this as I am?! This beloved fashion magazine that I’ve invested hours of reading in and has seen me through three flat moves, my uni life, my graduate life and two different jobs is no more. Call me dramatic but this is a pretty big deal isn’t it? I’m wondering if our online obsession will slowly kill off all the print magazines. I could feel Taylor Swift taunting me from the Vogue cover I held in my hand with “the old Glamour magazine can’t come to the phone right now..” (I mean of course it had to be bloody TS herself on the cover this month!)



Ok, confession time, (and don’t judge me!): I, little miss fashion blogger, have never really managed to get very emotionally invested in Vogue. Yes, it is probably the most iconic fashion magazine there is and I can sense that the fashion police are out to get me for admitting that this timeless publication has only ever been used as wallpaper for my teenage bedroom. But let’s be honest, it’s a lot of adverts and fashion pieces that a lot of us will never be able to afford or actually wear at any point in our lives, am I right? Don’t get me wrong I’ve certainly admired Vogue and seen it as the bible of fashion, but how can someone like me relate to Vogue? I don’t feel like I’m stylish enough, rich enough or in the type of social circles of Vogue’s target audience. I held up the magazine, reluctantly accepting my fate, and started reading.



As I sifted through the high fashion page spreads and read the cultural pieces, inspiration struck and I wondered how I could turn these trends and talking points into fresh new content. I have to say, I’m quite enjoying the Vogue life now that I’ve given it a chance. I’ve actually started to feel like a more legit fashion gal now and a tiny bit involved in the high fashion world that I’ve never felt able to relate to before. It sounds so ridiculous on paper but once upon a time, the glossy high fashion magazines like Vogue intimidated me and I felt like I couldn’t beย that girl (the sassy, always stylish, confident Vogue reading fashion girl) even if I wanted to be. Turns out you can create your own reality if you really want it – pick up a Vogue and read it. Boom. Done. Check. You are now that fashion girl who reads Vogue.


As I say goodbye to Glamour and goodbye to what has been a wonderful first year of blogging, I’m embracing 2018 in all it’s sassy Vogue glory and welcoming the new phase of my fashion-loving blogger babe self. How ’bout you?



So were you just as gutted about the end of Glamour magazine as I was or are you a fully fledged Vogue gal?



Happy New Year you beauties! Here’s to another sassy year?