Testing Sheetmasks: 5 Favourites under £5


When I’m in need of some pampering and that much-needed “me time” that we all hark on about, a sheet mask is undoubtedly the first thing I go for. For less than a fiver, you can pretty much recreate an at-home spa treatment and give your skin the boost it’s been needing. I’m a sucker for trawling through Boots to discover new brands and products that I love without breaking the bank. Plus, with Valentine’s Day around the corner and the winter weather drying out our skin, we could all use a bit of TLC. So with that in mind, I’m sharing five of my favourite sheet masks, all of which are under £5 to keep your purse and your skin happy.


Testing sheet masks: five favourites under £5 - ChloeDangerfield.com


Garnier: Moisture Bomb


I couldn’t possibly write this without including the OG drugstore sheet mask. When the magazines were revealing the famous faces embracing this upcoming beauty trend that was about to take off, it was the moisture bomb that was there to satisfy your average Joe’s like me, wanting to jump on the bandwagon at a fraction of the cost. I remember the moisture bomb being the first of its kind, I instantly fell in love with how nourishing it was for my dry-ish skin and it’s kept up well with the release of its new lavender and green tea fragrances. Does it give you a whole week of hydration as promised though? Not really. This one is fab for an instant hit of moisture for thirsty skin (as the name suggests) but I’d say it’s a one-trick pony. (P.S. and FYI: Garnier’s night cream gel of the same name is absolutely incredible and one I go for again and again!)


Yes To: Tomatoes


As I started looking to get more for my money from a cheap drugstore sheet mask, I came across YesTo. The first one I used was the YesTo tomatoes charcoal sheet mask and sweet lord it’s a good ‘un. Charcoal skin products are apparently very good for giving your skin a serious detox and fighting off those pesky spots and blackheads. Does it work miracles? No – it’s not gonna evaporate every spot in 10 minutes, BUT I definitely noticed that my skin looked brighter and more clear, as well as feeling super soft for a few days after. The blemish fighting sheet mask showed similar results, I also tried the acne fighting sheet mask when I was flying back from Australia and getting all dem spots, but I didn’t feel like it did that much for me. The charcoal one is definitely my favourite from YesTo and this brand uses mostly natural ingredients and recyclable packaging which is even better!



Testing sheet masks: 5 favourites under £5 - ChloeDangerfield.com




A classic skincare brand which, in my opinion, is becoming slightly forgotten about with all the sexy new kids storming in (looking at you YesTo and Nip + Fab). I took this one in my hand luggage to Australia and applied it while I was somewhere over Russia when everyone around me was asleep because y’know, the sheet mask is not a pretty sight. Hats off to Simple because the results of this mask left me very pleasantly surprised! My skin felt lovely and nourished for the rest of the flight – that’s one heck of an achievement considering how dry and stuffy the air is on planes! Simple positions themselves as the sensitive skin experts but I’d say this would be great for anyone because, let’s face it, who actually wants all those nasty chemicals and alcohols in our skincare products? Their range of sheet masks are also made in Korea and, political stuff aside, they seem to really know what they’re doing with skincare at the moment so that’s another vote of confidence for our forgotten friend, Simple.


Iroha Nature: Black Tissue Mask Detox


This was a brand I hadn’t heard of when I picked up this sheet mask but HELLO IT’S CHARCOAL SO IT MUST BE GOOD, RIGHT?! Apparently it’s ideal for oily/combination skin which I don’t have (I think I’m normal? – this, unfortunately, does not extend any further than the skin), I was sold by the buzzwords like “detox”, “charcoal” and “anti-blemish” and I stopped paying attention after that. However, I still found I got great results from this one, like the YesTo tomatoes charcoal sheet mask, my skin felt lovely and soft as well as looking more refreshed and clear. So yeah, further proving my point that charcoal skincare products are life! Sidenote: Some friends and I were discussing whether charcoal teeth whitening/skin brightening products actually work or is it a placebo because the product is black (therefore will make your teeth appear whiter by comparison) – for sheet masks, I’d have to say no because I didn’t use a mirror to get this baby on and off (#smugface), so I only had the comparison between my skin before and after.



Testing sheet masks: 5 favourites under £5: ChoeDangerfield.com


Soap & Glory: Party Recovery Radiance-Boosting Mask


Last but by no means least; the babes of Soap & Glory with their sassy quips and fun packaging are on the sheet mask bandwagon. This product is geared towards to party girl (which I’m definitely not) who’s now suffering from dull, problematic skin on top of the dreaded hangover. So, brightening and freshness is definitely what they’re trying to achieve here and oh lordy do they deliver! This sheet mask is now one of my favourites, it’s drippy as hell (seriously, I’ve never come across such a drippy sheet mask) but if you ignore how messy it is and think how much extra product you’re getting for your money then you’ll be thankful because it’s absolutely lush! All the sexy ingredients packed into it like pink grapefruit, white flower, and fresh mint means it smells divine. I genuinely felt my skin looked a lot fresher and clearer for days after, I’d definitely recommend this one.


So, what’s your favourite sheet mask and which will you be trying next?

Happy Weekend!