Deconstructing an Outfit: Head to Toe TopShop

Hi There Hun,


Something that I haven’t formally announced on the blog yet is that ya gal here is now a proud member of staff at TopShop! Since mid-December I have been surrounded by clothes with a sassy discount at my fingertips – so basically living my best life. But instead of filling my basket like a mad woman on day 1, I have been taking my time to curate the perfect work wardrobe a la TopShop with looks that can be interchangeable and worn again and again so that I can get more out of my clothes and (more importantly) my money.


So, I got my fashion cap on (or y’know, my baker boy) and decided to share an outfit with you that’s not only fan-bloody-tastic as an overall look, but where each individual piece can give a fresh update on whatever else you choose to wear it with. I’m deconstructing a look so that you can figure out which pieces are worth buying and which are best left on the rail. : Deconstructing A TopShop Look


Casual vibes with a bit of pretty and added attitude – the perfect combination in my eyes. This outfit is a new go-to for me and at least one of these elements have been worn pretty much daily.



1. The Baker Boy

Starting from the top – the trusty baker boy hat. I’ve been very VERY late in joining the club here but better late than never, right? This baby is an absolute game changer and I’m yet to find an outfit in my wardrobe that it can’t be worn with. Basic t-shirt and jeans combo? Stick on the hat and you’re suddenly a fashionista. Greasy looking hair? get it on you and no one will know. It’s not just fashionable, it’s practical as heck! If you aren’t wearing a baker boy (or some sort of hat that’s on trend – hello Mr Beret) with an outfit, you’re missing out.


2. The Necklace

You can barely see it in these photos but I thought this necklace was worth mentioning. Like my beloved baker boy hat, this double necklace (which is a pretty awesome Missoma dupe if you ask me) gives a kick to any outfit and really looks like you’ve made a fashionable effort. I even put it on when I’m in a sweater, jeans, and trainers because it adds some femininity to an otherwise boyish outfit combo. Minimal gold jewellery has been a fashion hero in 2017 and I don’t see it going anywhere just yet.


3. The Top

If you’re an avid TopShop gal you’ll know that this top has come in approximately 3204832 different patterns and colours (ok probably more like 10 but you get me). That alone proves that this is a blouse worth having and as soon as I saw it, I knew that everything from the cut, the frills, the sleeve length, all the way to the tie around to give that peplum effect would flatter my body shape. It can be worn for a casual weekend about town or for a date night and I’m wearing it with pretty much all the trousers and skirts I own – 10/10 on the versatility score. I went for the cosmic navy just to spice things up a bit and wear something a little different, I also didn’t want the frills AND the print to overdo the feminine vibes so the moon and stars gave a perfect balance. The newest edition of this top is a gorgeous green with a floral print to give a Spring update to your wardrobe. - Deconstructing a TopShop Look


4. The Jeans

I’ve been living in basic skinnies for far too long so I was in dire need of an update on my denim with a different cut and some edgy rips for an extra summin’ summin’. HELLO MOOOOM JEANS. These huns ticked all my boxes and have given my wardrobe the update it’s been needing for quite some time. We all know that jeans are a timeless fashion staple and set the tone for the rest of your outfit. I don’t need to preach to you that jeans can be worn with literally anything but these mom jeans, with their more relaxed fit and edgy rips, give a smart outfit some attitude.


5. The Boots

Nono, THE boots. My god have I fallen head over heels (eeeeeeeeyyy) for these BEA-UUU-TIFUL boots. And just to make them even more sexy, they were £20 in the sale (aauuuuuuhhhfurfheurwafdnjadfgk!). Now I know what you’re maybe thinking, white cowboy boots with black heels and all the studs and buckles? That’s quite a strong piece, I don’t think I a) have the balls or b) have enough outfits I can wear them with. And to that on both counts, I say “Yes. You do. Go forth my friend and buy those crazy boots”. I’ve been wearing these with pretty much anything and everything in my wardrobe, from my vinyl skirt to a basic jeans and t-shirt look. They go so well with everything and my theory behind it is that they don’t have a bold colour that’s tricky to match with other pieces, they don’t have a print per se, and they have a heel not too high to be uncomfortable but just high enough to be able to wear them for day or night.



And that’s a wrap – my entire outfit, deconstructed, just to give you the proof of why each piece would make a great little addition to your wardrobe and worth every penny!


What are your wardrobe hero’s/new pieces you’re loving?? – I need to know what I’m missing out on!