Concert Style Guide: The Essentials

I have to be honest here, I am not a well-seasoned concert go-er. I haven’t been to a single festival and my attendance at arena tours has been very few and far between. Partly because I save myself for the tours I absolutely cannot miss otherwise my life will remain incomplete (Bruno Mars 24k Magic, 2017 – still one of the happiest nights of my life). But also partly because I had no idea said artist/band were on tour until my Instagram feed fills with snaps of crowded stadiums (Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams, 2016 – still kicking myself to this day).


But, from my very first concert experience (P!nk’s I’m Not Dead tour, 2006) to now, being at two incredible concerts just one week apart – Ed Sheeran’s Divide and Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s OTR II, I have racked up some style advice for looking good at any concert, even when you have to travel with the bare minimum.


So that brings me to a little bit of context around this post: For both concerts, we were traveling from Aberdeen to Hampden Park in Glasgow, and coming home on the same night. This meant that my outfits had to be pretty but practical for the travel and unpredictable weather of a Scottish summer night.


What I Wore


Ed Sheeran:

First thing’s first – NEVER EVER EVER EVER WEAR HEELS!!! (I learned the hard way at Katy Perry’s California Dreams concert!). Even if you have seats for the show, there are still plenty of traps for getting sore feet: queuing for entry, merch, toilet, bar, and in my case – running a couple miles for the bus back home! White trainers are my go-to on any day, and this day was no exception!

My thinking behind the outfit for this concert was that I wanted to look colourful and cool but also needed that comfort factor for the bus journey there and back, and a bit of warmth because I would be seated in open-air and it was forecast to rain because of course it bloody was!


GET THE LOOK: Jacket, Top, Necklace, Trousers – Topshop. Headband – Zara. Trainers – Public Desire

No regrets opting for these trousers when I had originally planned to wear a little dress, and my trusty denim jacket kept me looking good but feeling cosy!


Beyoncé & Jay-Z:

For OTR II, we were standing rather than seated, so warmth wasn’t really going to be much of an issue when we were squashed amongst thousands of people. Instead, I opted for fewer layers and took the opportunity to wear something a little bit more quirky than my usual style (Enter: the “it’s cool to be kind” vest). I also turned out a second look, as we were lucky enough to spend the day wandering the streets of Glasgow and visiting the botanical gardens before the concert. For this, I went for a long-sleeved blouse to keep me a bit warmer if I needed it, but it was a thin enough fabric that it would also keep me cool on a hot day and be able to fit into my little backpack when I changed tops.



GET THE LOOKS: blouse, bandeau, skirt, backpack (old but other ones here), cami top – Topshop. Trainers – Public Desire. Sunglasses – River Island, 




What I Packed

So as I mentioned, we were traveling down to the concerts and coming home on the same day (and when I say “we” I mean me and my boyfriend who, let’s face it, is pretty much the unofficial sponsor of this blog post since he bought the tickets!). This meant squeezing only the absolute essentials into my teeny tiny backpack – a power bank for my phone, tickets and money etc (duh!), a rain poncho (I am OBSESSED with this one I picked up from Trespass, I’m almost sad that I didn’t get to wear it for Jay-Z and Beyoncé!). I also packed some adidas leggings for the journey home if I wanted to change into something comfier, and spare socks – just in case! For Beyoncé and Jay-Z I even popped in an eyeshadow palette to glam up before the concert without giving it big smokes on the eyes during the day.



Are you going/have already been to any concerts this summer? I would love to know what you wear as I’m always on the hunt for inspo!