About Me

Well hello there sweet hun and welcome to ChloeDangerfield.com!



First of all, thank you for having a little gander at my website. Whether you specifically searched me up or have stumbled across my corner of the internet by accident, your time spent here is very much appreciated.



So, what is there to know about me? I’m a 23-year-old fashion obsessed digital marketing student, born and raised in the north east of Scotland. I stand at a humble 5’0, I rate a good cuppa tea and generally love to chat about anything and everything (pretty much). Now, I have to be honest, “Dangerfield” isn’t exactly my real last name. In normal, everyday, “real” life I’m Chloe Watson, but let’s face it, “Watson” doesn’t quite have the same unique, “blogworthy” and utterly fabulous ring to it as “Dangerfield” (sorry to any Watson’s, you’re still fabulous!). Since Dangerfield is my mum’s maiden name, it seemed like a good excuse to reclaim it as my own for the online world.



After years spent wondering about starting up my own blog and finding an outlet for my love of fashion, photography, writing, self-love and personal style, ChloeDangerfield.com was finally born in late December 2016. Since then I’ve been posting about all sorts, from my adventures around the world and finding motivation, to my fashion go-to’s and skin care heroes. I hope that this blog can be a place you come to for a little pick me up or for some inspiration. I hope it makes you laugh, smile and live your best damn life!