Vinyl Skirt: 3 Ways


As a lot of you may know already, skirts have not been my thing for a while. It wasn’t a conscious decision to just eradicate them from my wardrobe or something that I was even aware of, but for god knows how long now I haven’t owned a single skirt. You may be wondering how I possibly had enough sassy pieces to wear if I didn’t have a skirt – well, I didn’t. I was constantly struggling to find anything to wear for literally any sort of activity and little confidence to wear even basic things that had slipped out of my comfort zone – skirts being one of them. As I lost more and more of who I really am in terms of what I like to wear, I got to my wit’s end (wherever that is and whatever that means), I raided my wardrobe in an ambition to cull everything and start from scratch. It was then that I suddenly realized the horrible reality that I, little miss fashion blogger, don’t have a skirt. What a goddamn fake and a phony I am.


Vinyl skirt 01
This Look: Zara Military Shirt or an Alternative HereFishnet TightsPark Lane Ankle Boots


But oh, HELLO, look who’s back in the skirt game again. And who was it that brought this beautiful vinyl plum coloured dream of a skirt into my life I hear you ask? Topshop. Of course it was Topshop, you can always rely on those babes for a fashion hero piece.



Vinyl skirt 02


Vinyl skirt 03
This Look: H&M Knitted Beaded JumperFishnet TightsTopshop Trainers


This skirt has already featured in so many of my outfits both for casual days and to smarten up a look for the evening. I love wearing it with a cosy knit to make a bit more of a statement when I want to be comfy.


vinyl skirt 04

Since I’ve lost a bit of femininity in my wardrobe, this skirt is a perfect transition back into being girly as it has quite a grungy vibe and I don’t feel too far out of my comfort zone.


Vinyl skirt 05

This Look: H&M Tassel EarringsTopshop Corset TopFishnet TightsPark Lane Ankle Boots



With a deeper tone and no pattern, this skirt can be worn with all sorts of different colours and prints. But with the rich colour and high shine, this is still an interesting enough piece to wear with something more neutral and minimal. All in all, she’s an absolute corker of a piece and definitely one to be snapped up. Oh and BTW – it comes in three other shades so you’ll be spoiled for choice!



Hope you love this baby as much as I do, if you want more fashion then keep an eye on my YouTube channel where I’ll be rounding up a Mahoosive ASOS haul this week!



23 lessons I’ve learned from my 23 years of life

Well my gosh it’s been a while since I posted a lil’ summin’ on here hasn’t it? I’ve been coming back from holiday mode and getting back into uni mode and blog mode which has taken me longer to adjust to than I thought, soz! Anyhoo,  on a more exciting note: IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAAY! I’m now 23 years young and I thought I would mark the day by sharing the life lessons I’ve learned in my just-over-two-decades on this earth. So without further ado…


  1. Do what you love – regardless of whether you’re good at it or not


  1. Growing up is not about knowing what you want or what you’re doing – it’s about not knowing but still managing to persist and have a good time along the way


  1. Don’t take everything so seriously. Seriously, don’t.


  1. You don’t have to perfect to start something new – just go for it and figure it out as you go.


  1. You can have it all but not all at once. Some things in your life will be great and you’ll feel on top of your game, others will make you feel like a disaster if you let them drag you down. Accept that you’ll never have it perfect and not everything will fall into place at once.


  1. Confidence is about faking it most of the time.



  1. Make the most of your opportunity to give back to people who need it. Being a volunteer counsellor for ChildLine was one of the most interesting, inspiring things I’ve ever done. It gave me more insight into the “real world” than anything else had, and it made me a braver person who’s ready for anything.


  1. Be grateful and try to see the good in everything. Hold on to every tiny win and see the positive in the negative – that’s the secret to happiness.


  1. Stop worrying about not having enough time or money.


  1. If you want a love that will last, don’t rush anything.


  1. Stop obsessing over having “the perfect body”. I always try to remember that in 50 years’ time I would be kicking myself if I didn’t appreciate the ripe, fit little 20-something body I have now.



  1. Remember that when it seems like the worst thing has happened, it will seem like nothing in a year from now, or even a couple of months from now. Time is certainly a healer and as long as you keep your chin up, you’ll be just fine my dear.


  1. Be kind to everyone. I mean EVERYONE. Respond to negative people with understanding and just be that nice, lovely person you’d like to meet.


  1. You will find more lessons and growth in failure than you will in success. If I hadn’t scored 12% in my college exam, the first class honours degree that came 2 years later wouldn’t have been nearly as sweet. Get ready for your comeback.



  1. Accept your weaknesses and imperfections – they make you “you”


  1. Learn to work hard and play hard


  1. The only person that can really look after you is you. Be kind to yourself and know what keeps you happy.


  1. No matter what, EVERYONE (even the people who you think have perfect lives) has insecurities, imperfections, bad days, worries, stress and unhappy vibes sometimes, no matter what they may show on the internet and in real life. Remember that.


  1. On that note – there will always be so many people out there who have it A LOT worse than you. For them, you are the one who has a perfect life. Remember that too.


  1. don’t let comparison steal your joy, just be you


  1. Keep good people close and make time for them, they are your happy place.


  1. Never underestimate your ability to learn new things. Stop saying “I can’t”, “I don’t know how” and leaving it at that. Google it, read about it, do it, learn.


  1. Just enjoy life and all it’s opportunities, challenges, good times, bad times, and all the special people in it!




So that’s all then, I hope this has given you some comfort, inspiration, or positive vibes just in time for the weekend! I have a new video up on YouTube of some fashion bits I’ve bought for Autumn, so head over to my channel if you fancy a nosey and have a fab weekend!

















Being Grateful and Sharing Happy Vibes


Every now and again I think it’s important to reflect on what has been going on in your life and show a little bit of appreciation for all the good things, whether there are many or few of them. I don’t know if it’s been the same for you but the past few months for me have been full of highs and lows with a lot happening and not a lot happening all at the same time, so I thought this “life-update-but-something-that-you-can-apply-to-your-life” type of post would be fitting. I’ve touched on the importance of reflection and gratitude in a post about a life changing product called a Happiness Planner, which a lot of you seemed to enjoy (P.S, I’ll be uploading a YouTube video on the happiness planner as well, stay tuned), so I thought I would continue to share some positive vibes and the warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude in attempt to spread it around like Nutella. So without further ado, here are the little things that I am appreciating and grateful for at the moment:








My sister (follow her here) has recently moved to Australia, and since our family whatsapp group has seen continuous chat from all of us – no different to before she left, my mum has been saying to me “isn’t that amazing!? It’s like she’s chatting to us from just up the road and she’s the other side of the world!”. It got me thinking yeah, that is pretty amazing, we are constantly carrying the ability to communicate with millions of people from all over the world, whether it’s with a double tap, a thumbs up or a message from the heart. Despite what some may say, I think that we’re more connected than ever and that shouldn’t be something we take for granted or use to spread hatred and bad vibes. We would be metaphorically and literally lost without our phones (does anyone know how to read a real life map anymore?), but how often do we really stop and think about the power we have with just a phone and an internet connection? We can use technology to share our stories, share our best moments, connect with new people, connect with those who aren’t geographically close to us anymore, and to get information on absolutely anything with the touch of a button.




My Education


It feels like not so long ago that I was desperate to get out of education, tired and weary from four years of essays, exams and the pressure to make it all worth it (read about it here and here). But after working for a year in what definitely wasn’t my dream job, I missed lectures, I missed working hard at something I cared about and I realized that I hadn’t appreciated university as much as I should have. As you may know, I’m going back to university this month and I actually feel so lucky to be able to go back for a second time (I may be thinking differently when I have 10 books to read and deadlines ahead of me).  Some may say that university is not always the answer and I completely agree with that – let’s face it, I got a first class honours degree and nothing but a retail job at the end of it, but for me right now, the education system has given me some financial stability with no questions asked (well, no invasive or judgemental questions asked), and a second chance to learn about something that I really want to become an expert in. If you’re slogging away at school, college or university just be grateful for the opportunity you have, whether you choose to take it or leave it.




The Chance to Travel


SO I’M GOING TO MOROCCO ON FRIDAY!!! (Yep, just thought I’d subtly slip that one in there). I don’t know about you but when I’m going away on holiday I genuinely feel so so happy (obviously) and as if I’m the luckiest girl alive, even though I’ve organised and paid for it all myself – I guess because travel is a gift in itself, right? I’ve been on two holidays this year (Prague is an absolute fairy-tale of a place by the way), which is not something I expected to happen at all, I suppose because I thought I needed to have my life and career together and be earning a decent income before I go spoiling myself with holidays – and this was definitely not the case. But the truth is (in my opinion), if you want to travel and have the means to do it then don’t waste an opportunity, don’t wait for life to be perfect or feel guilty for expanding your horizons because you “don’t deserve it”. You deserve the heck out of it! Going on nice holidays is something that I’ve been lucky enough to experience since a very young age (Majorca 1995 was a belter), and I’ve always wanted to continue my adventures into my adulthood as well – so even though every other aspect of my life isn’t quite how I want it blah blah blah, I guess I’m living my dream right now, and that’s something I ought to remember more often and be grateful for.






That’s right, I see you, and I appreciate you more than a banoffee sundae with extra sprinkles and cream on the top! It’s been almost nine months since I published my first blog post and to be honest, I didn’t think I was all that, I didn’t expect to be an overnight success and I still don’t to this day. I just write about what I want to write about and hope to share inspiration and positive vibes with anyone who is willing to read it or find some comfort in what I say, even if it’s just one person. However, it turns out there’s not just one of you, I’ve had some lovely comments from various people in the past few months and my stats for July told me that almost 7,000 of you came to to have a little nosey! This was a “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS A MISTAKE?!?!?!!?” moment in the best possible way, because those sort of numbers are definitely not an average month for me and not something I expect at all. So yeah, just wanted to say a big fat thank you to YOU, whether you’ve read every post I’ve written or if this is the first one you’ve seen, whether you know me well, know me at all, know “of me” or if you’re a total stranger. I love you all and I’m very very grateful for your support!





So I hope that’s given you a warm, fuzzy feeling (not like that), and I hope you’re feeling a little bit cheery for all the great things you have in your life – no matter how big or small.



I will be posting a video over on my YouTube channel on what’s coming with me in my hand luggage on Friday (completely unrelated to this post, I know), so keep your eyes peeled on my channel.




Lots of love to you all!


8 Self Care Hacks for when Life Gets Too Much


Happy Hump Day Huns!


Now, if there’s something we can all agree on it’s that everyone needs some “me time” every now and again, am I right? Whether it’s after a busy day, a long day, or just a flat out rubbish one that we can’t wait to see the back of, we owe it to ourselves to pause before going to bed defeated and give ourselves a pick-me-up, show ourselves some kindness and practice a little bit of self care. Here is a list of my favourite self-care activities for when I need to give myself some TLC, enjoy!




  1. Reading

I know what you’re thinking; “Reading? For relaxing? …. Groundbreaking.” But come on, it works; getting lost in a good read is a great escape from life. I love making some time to read a factual book that will teach me more about what I love and how the pros do it, but my fave blogs and magazine subscription are also featured in my reading list.



  1. Baths

There’s nothing like banishing your worries away than sweating it all out and stewing in your own filth, is there? Since I don’t have my own bath anymore I have a B-WAB (bestie with a bath) who I am keeping very close solely for that reason. Upgrade your bath with candles, bath bomb, glass of wine, book, or….



  1. Pamper/movie night

… go for a full on pamper night. Give yourself an at-home manicure (posh word for just filing and painting ‘em), get a face mask on the go, and chill the fuck out, stick on a good film too just for good measure. This is my absolute favourite when I need me time on a budget




  1. Time With a Friend

We all have that one friend (or many friends) we can rely on for helping us escape from reality and make us feel a little bit more normal. Go for a walk, have a cuppa, have a night in together, have a night out together, let them take the worries away from you just as you would for them. I stay close to my friends but even if I want to be on my own, I can still give them a message or have a walk by myself to clear the ol’ head.



  1. Colouring in

When I don’t fancy reading I love colouring in. It’s no secret that putting pretty pens to paper is very therapeutic and gives a sense of accomplishment when the masterpiece is all done.






  1. A Good Cuppa

If you’re looking for me time on the go, you’ll find it in a mug with some steam coming out the top. A cup of tea, coffee, or a hot chocolate (if you’re feeling crazy) is like therapy that doesn’t involve any people or any talking. As much as we drink these things on the go or associate them with work, it’s good to stop from time to time and do nothing but enjoy a cuppa.



  1. Tidy

Ok I know, it doesn’t sound that relaxing but mess = stress people. I don’t know about you but when I’m tidying or organising something – whether it’s my makeup bag, my purse, my files on my laptop, or that drawer we all have that’s just full of crap– I get so stuck into it and focused that I do find it quite relaxing when it’s done in small doses. Once I’m finished I feel a tiny sense of accomplishment that it’s finally tidied and more manageable.



  1. Listen to a Podcast/Music

Basic, I know, but music is so powerful and really does change the mood we’re in. I will always be plugged into Spotify when I’m walking somewhere, on a bus, or working on my laptop and it does make these mundane things a little bit more interesting. My favourite feel-good playlists on Spotify include Feel Good Friday (obvs), All Good! And Throwback Thursday.






So what’s your go-to when you need some chill time?

Leave me a comment below or just lemme know on my social accounts to the right








Do I Look Fat in this? – Oh wait, I Don’t Care




A few months ago I bought this blush pink off-the-shoulder shirt from River Island, with the intention of it becoming a summer staple in my wardrobe. However, after a few forced attempts at trying to style it and figure out how best to wear it, I fell out of love with this shirt, it was left abandoned in the back of my wardrobe and I contemplated feeding it to the lions of Depop for someone else to savour it.




Because when I saw this shirt on the hanger it gave me the casual, easy – yet bang on trend, summer vibes that I was looking for (this is what made me hang on to it for so long). But when I put it on my body, I hated it. It was too long at the back – making me look shorter, it was a loose fit and hung off my shapely chest– making me look fatter, and the dropped sleeves made it impossible to tuck in and recover any figure I had (this is what made me refuse to wear it).


I know what you’re thinking – “Chloe you’re a size 8. What the fuck do you know about feeling fat and hating your body?”. To tell you the truth I don’t really mind my body, in fact I think it’s pretty bloody amazing; it functions properly, it’s healthy, I have all my limbs, it allows me to move, it allows me to breath and be alive, it gets me from one place to another and another and another. I like my skinny waist, I like my bum and although they’re short, my legs don’t cause me any great offence either. And yet I still ended up standing in front of my mirror for half an hour in this shirt, picking on all the things I didn’t like about how it made me look, trying to decide whether to just wear it, wear something more flattering, or just not even leave the house at all because I don’t look good in anything and what’s the point if I don’t look like I have a good figure. Ok that’s maybe an exaggeration but trust me, it’s only a mild one.


It’s not just that shirt either, it’s all clothes. We are taught to buy clothes that make us look good which ultimately translates to looking “slimmer” or “skinny” or “hiding” the parts of our bodies that causes us anxiety because it doesn’t match the petite ideal that is presented to us in the media blah blah blah you’ve heard it all before. But we still do it. As I said, I’m a size 8; you could say that I meet the “skinny ideal” that many people wish for, but I am not exempt from this self critical analysis when it comes to buying clothes. I find myself turning down items that I love because “that will make my short legs look even shorter”; “that will make me look about 12”; “that will give me too much cleavage, which would make me a hoe”; “that will give me no cleavage at all, which would make me a prude”; “I can’t wear loose fitting things because they hang off my big boobs and make me look bigger”; “I can’t wear tight fitting things because they cling to my tummy and make me look bigger”. It’s ridiculous and exhausting but we all fall victim to this over-selective behaviour in the hope that the clothes that we buy will make us happy and love our bodies. Spoiler: it doesn’t come from clothes; it comes from you.


As I stood in the mirror that day, staring at this River Island shirt I once loved and despairing at how it made me look, I began to question why the fuck it matters if an item of clothing makes us look a little bit bigger, or doesn’t show off the parts of our bodies that we like. Do I really have to show off my assets all the time? Do I really have to hide my insecurities all the time? Do I really look that much bigger in this shirt? Am I really going to cause any great offence to anyone if I wore this shirt? Are people going to stop me in the street or shout “you look fucking dreadful in that shirt” out of their car windows? Will the world stop spinning? No. A resounding no to all of the above. So with that I decided to wear the shirt anyway, “see how it goes” and in all honesty I felt great; it was comfy, it was casual but sassy at the same time, a couple of friends I saw complemented the shirt I hated so much just hours ago. I felt pretty damn good once the mirror and my self criticism were out of the way. Not only did I just not care and go on with my day, I felt a little bit liberated and relieved because I didn’t allow myself to fall into the same overwhelming routine of wearing something that makes me look as slim as I can without accentuating my body hang-ups.



The truth is, it really doesn’t matter. You would be surprised at how little you or other people actually give a shit about how slim you look in whatever it is that you decide to wear. So go and buy that item that is screaming from the hanger at you, even though your “logic” is telling you otherwise. If you love it, you’ll feel great in it because you can allow yourself to feel great in it, you have my permission.





Love and Positive Vibes to you all, have a great weekend and slay all day in whatever you wear and whatever you do!









24 quirks of country life that city kids won’t understand


With street style outfit shots taken in busy urban locations, the blogging world seems like a very metropolitan place at times. However, this is not something that I’ve grown up around: Although the city has been home to me for five years now, I’m a proud country girl at heart with a childhood spent surrounded by open fields and making mud spring rolls with a docken leaf. To urbanites the country may seem boring, dirty and gross but living in the middle of nowhere has many perks and quirks.




  1. Wildlife is something that you have to become accustomed to when living in the countryside, whether it’s a bat fluttering around your bedroom or waking up to a field of cows that have made their way into your back garden (true story. Both of them)
  2. With all these animals everywhere, you learn the facts of life very early on. I learned the meaning of “pregnant” in my early primary school years, not because it was taught to us, but because a boy in my class had sheep who were pregnant.
  3. Not only do animals have babies, they also shit A LOT, And us country folk like to spread that shit over the fields to help the crops grow (mental, I know). This is not always ideal when you live amongst it, particularly when you have clothes out on the washing line. Spoiler: they’ll come back in absolutely stinking.
  4. Animals are great though and when you have all the space that the countryside has to offer, you can have a LOT of pets. At one point we had a pony, a dog, two cats – one of which ended up having four kittens, and five chickens.
  5. With these pets though, they end up being genuine excuses on why you’re late or why things have gone missing – our dog once ate my sister’s retainer (not chewed – full on ate it!) and we were almost late for school a number of times because my pony would escape into the garden just as we would be leaving.




  1. Britain is renowned for its seasonal weather, but this is even more apparent in the countryside. When it snows in winter, you’re either stuck at home for days on end or risk your life leaving the house for food. When you do have the opportunity to get food you have to haul it up the lane to your house on a sledge.
  2. You’re maybe thinking “the lane to your house? Is that like a big driveway?” – nope, it’s about a mile long, it’s bumpy as hell, not great for small cars, walking up in sandals or any delivery service trying to find your house.
  3. So yeah, we live very VERY deep in the Scottish countryside – no main road, no pavements, no street lights. A lot of people are mistaken that if you live in the countryside and have a lot of animals, then you live on a farm. Nope, not the case, I’m about as much a farmer as I am a football player, jazz singer or exotic dancer.
  4. In the city, your nearest shop is just around the corner. In the country, your nearest shop is just around the corner and then five miles from there, past the old farmhouse and the place with loads of horses.
  5. With even basic amenities not being very close to you, the luxuries aren’t close either: Takeaway options are very limited – all you’ve got is a Chinese and a chipper in the nearest town, oh and you can kiss goodbye to a delivery service that isn’t your dad on his way home from work – however this does turn out to be a cheap option with no extra driver fee.
  6. Yep, Taxi of mum and dad is pretty major in the countryside because you have to drive EVERYWHERE. Trips into town are either the most exciting event that isn’t Christmas or an overwhelming day out where you have to get everything you need or want for the next few months!




  1. When you live in the countryside with limited transport services and friends who live miles away, you end up bored out your effing mind in the summer holidays. You actually look forward to going back to school and you count down the days until your driving test when freedom and civilisation are all yours – FINALLY!
  2. However, when you do pass your test and are out on the open road, you realize that the winding, narrow country roads you live on are not something to be messed with, and oh how I have learned that lesson the hard way – twice!
  3. Just like the city life, you rely on a taxi after a night out, but when you live in the countryside they are a bloody fortune and you end up dropping off other random people in the middle of nowhere throughout your trip in the hope that your fare will be made cheaper.
  4. This is not the case though, taxis are still pricey out in the sticks but more often than not, you are on a first name basis with the driver because his wife is your neighbours cousin or something. No matter how drunk or tired you are, you don’t have to worry about directions because Mr taxi driver already knows where you live, who you are, who your parents are and what they do, where you work and where you’re friends need dropped off too.
  5. It sounds creepy, but it’s really quite normal having everyone know who you are or be connected to you in some way or another. It actually comes in handy at times too, let me give you an example – a night out “back home” which I was not at or anywhere near in terms of location happened and yet I ended up notified that my mate lost her bag. Why? – because a man found it who is neighbours with a girl who is going out with a boy who’s brother is going out with me and I am best friends with the girl who lost her bag. If only Cinderella and Prince Charming came from a town like ours!




  1. If you’re from the city I know what you’re thinking; “a night out? In the countryside?” – yes, although our options are limited we can always rely on that one nightclub, because it is the only nightclub there is for about 15 miles or so, and in the summer months we’re extra spoiled with marquees – basically a nightclub in a giant tent with underage drinking and the risk of ruining your new shoes in mud (it really isn’t as bad as it sounds)
  2. So why do we go on these nights out and how can they possibly be interesting? – Because everyone knows everyone, remember! This makes a night out a maaaaajor gossip opportunity, however you do end up making a gamble between having an awesome school reunion or making an absolute knob of yourself in front of a room full of people who know you. It’s either gossip or be gossiped about – but mostly both.
  3. Although the countryside sounds like a challenging and isolating way of life, it’s not that bad when you have beautiful views everywhere you look
  4. When it gets dark at night you can see the milky way
  5. If you have chickens like us, you have the joy of fresh eggs every morning
  6. You get peace and quiet and can get dressed with your curtains open
  7. When you’re a kid, your imagination games are hands down Oscar worthy with all the fields and forests to run around in, pretending you’re a horse or something.
  8. And you have a neighbourhood where there is virtually no such thing as strangers – everyone is someone you know, or a family friend, or someone you went to school with. There’s a familiarity with everyone and everything that makes this quiet and humble place feel like home.






Shoutout to Miss Henny Penny by the way, one of our five beloved hens who is making her modelling debut! (comment below for enquiries)



In other blog/vlog news; I have a brand spanking new video on my YouTube channel now – a guide on all things stationary for getting back to school/uni/organised life. Come check it out!



Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!





4 ways to style a T-Shirt for the best off du-tee look

Hurrah, a new blog post AND it’s almost the freakin’ weekend!


My plans for this weekend include wine, friends, chatting, food shopping, cleaning and horse riding. And that’s one of my more exciting weekends – I live a wild life don’t I.


So usually on the weekends and any day where I’m not working, not doing an awful lot but I am required to get dressed, you will most likely find me in one of my many t-shirts. For me, the t-shirt is a humble and underrated fashion staple because although it is super casual and a somewhat lazy option for your #OOTD, the modest little T-shirt has very few limits and can be styled in a number of ways for a chilled (but fashionable, obvs) weekend vibe.



T-Shirt: merch (obvs)  –  Jeans: River Island  –  Trainers: Topshop    Handbag: Michael Kors  –  Earrings: H&M  –  Lipstick: Clinique


1. Basic but sassy

This is such a basic and fuss-free combo which is exactly how I like my combos! Just jeans t-shirt and trainers but paired with a classic handbag, sexy red lipstick and some mahoosive earrings.



T-Shirt, Loafers and Earrings: H&M  –  Culottes: Topshop      Handbag and Watch: Michael Kors  –  Perfume: Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs

2. Casual gold luxe

If there’s a way to glam up a tshirt it’s by adding some gold accessories and details, am I right? This, again, is pretty basic – just a stripy tee with a fun little cactus on it (thank you H&M), and some incredibly comfy culottes (thank you Topshop).



T-Shirt: Mango  –  Skirt: H&M  –  Trainers and Backpack: Topshop  –  Rings and Bangle: Pandora  –  Lipstick: Colour Me Beautiful          Nail Varnish: Petal Pushers by Essie

3. Pretty pastels

T-shirts can be pretty mundane and boyish but pastel colours make anything feminine and girly, right? So here it is, the proof is in the pudding. The nail varnish is petal pushers by Essie and it’s my favourite RN and goes so well with the grey t shirt.



T-Shirt: Kenzo x H&M  –  Shorts: Zara  –  Choker: River Island    Trainers: Nike  –  Handbag: Oasis


4. Vibrant leather

Part of me wondered if this was a bit too much but I think when you have a kenzo t shirt and bright nike high tops, there’s only one direction you’re heading in and it’s not to subtlesville. Also, sorry that the shorts are soooo blooming’ creased, I tried ironing them and it just wasn’t happening. I think the secret is to hang them up straight after you’ve washed them and not leave them chilling in the machine for three days. But anyways, I really love this, what dyou think?



So there you have it, four ideas on how to get maximum sass and minimum effort out of your basic t-shirts. I hope this has given you some inspiration for a chilled weekend outfit, whatever your plans are!



P.S. come say hi on my new YouTube channel, I have a summer haul video up with some crazy bargains from the sales!

Follow your instincts: A big life decision


Hi Everyone,


Forgive me for not being around on the blogosphere lately and for being all “me me me”, talking about myself, but I wanted to update you on quite a big step I took recently in terms of adulting and doing what makes me happy (I’m determined to make these two things go together!) in case there are any of you who are in the same boat as me.




If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I have spent the past year figuring out what adult life is all about. As I was coming to the end of my degree, I was determined to move forward and live a full life of doing things that I was passionate about and never really having to “work” because I would have a job that I loved. I quickly realized that this is a little bit unrealistic to jump right into when you’re fresh out of uni; after a few months of lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, I dusted myself down and got a full time job. It wasn’t a job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life or one that I really aspired to doing at all, but I told myself and everyone around me that “it’s just to keep me going”; “it’ll do for now”; “it’s fine to have until I find something else”. Fast forward almost one year and I am still without this “something else” that I spoke of, whatever it was. Despite my ambitions to being an awesome career woman and a girl boss who took life by the balls, the daily grind took its toll on me. It’s a lame excuse but honestly, after working 40 hours a week as well as sleeping, trying to get fit, catching up with friends, trying to be a good human, starting my blog and trying to grow it into something, there was just no time or energy to figure out this mystical “something else” that I so desperately wanted to spring itself upon me.




Now don’t get me wrong, retail has taught me a lot, it’s given me great experience and most importantly, it’s given me wonderful friends, which are things that have kept me tied to that job. However, lately I’ve been feeling fed up and wanting to move on to something that I love doing, a feeling that I’m sure you can all relate to. As much as I want to be a full-time blogger and youtuber, I am grounded enough to know that this is not a realistic career move to take right now, however, I have found myself becoming so busy with everything mentioned above that I barely have time to grow this little baby of mine into a potential career path in the future. So I’ve been feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out and generally just stuck in a position that I don’t enjoy and can’t get out of. As my year anniversary in my “just for the meantime” job loomed, it suddenly dawned on me how trapped I felt and how fast life goes; I had to do something.


So I took a bit of a drastic action: I quit. I haven’t got another job to go to, I didn’t wait around till I found “something else”, I just decided that I owe it to myself to leave and move on to something that I really want, and that I would never find out what that is while my time was being taken up with a full-time job and my blog and everything else in between. This is probably one of the biggest life changes I’ve made for myself because let’s face it, I haven’t been adulting and making big grown up decisions for very long. It may seem a little bit irresponsible to just quit my job without another career move lined up, but as each day has gone by I have been more sure that this decision is right and will allow me the breathing space I’ve been needing.




In the one month since I decided that I would quit, I have applied for more jobs and done more serious thinking about what I want to do than I have in the past year. How crazy is that? I guess sometimes you need the pressure to really get things going. Initially I was frantically applying for just any job to keep me going, but then I realized that I am best not to repeat the past, so I thought about what I would really REALLY love and how I could actually start doing that. My lack of experience and qualified knowledge on all things social and digital make me an undesirable candidate for my dream jobs. I have been advised not to let that intimidate me or stop me from learning as I go with my blog and my (slow) growing prescence on Instagram, but the truth is – I’m a millennial: I’m selfish. I’m impatient. I want it all and I want it now (well, I want some of it soon more like). I just don’t want to spend my days in a job that I don’t love while I very slowly build up my blog in the limited time that I actually have for it. I want my days to revolve around learning more about the things that I’m interested in, and I want to start that now.




So, while I spent my fourth year at university feeling stressed out and desperate to leave, it has become the ex that I am crawling back to with a newfound love and respect, wishing that I never left and said such horrible things about! That’s right – after a lot of thinking and following my gut instincts, Chloe Dangerfied will be getting herself re-educated and will be going back to uni this September to study digital marketing. Maybe this won’t be my missing puzzle piece, maybe it isn’t the right answer, maybe I don’t really have to go to all that effort, but at the moment I feel excited and more sure that this is right for me than I have about a lot of things recently.


Phew! Sorry if that was a bit of a ramble, I just wanted to be honest and felt that I owed you an explanation on where the hell I’ve been lately. Since I only have one Rihanna week left (werk werk werk werk werk werk), you’ll be seeing more of me as I’ll have more time to get my posts up and get my blog AND VLOG life in order. (Sidenote: My Youtube channel is now up and going with more content on the way! Come over and say hi!) Some of you have reacted really well to these “struggling through adult life” posts that I’ve done in the past, so I hope that this helps anyone out there who is going through something similar, I’d love to know if that’s you and what you think about this post. P.S – shoutout to my toe that slyly features in these flatlays and if anyone is wondering, the apple and pecan pastry  was really bloody nice and I would highly recommend them. FYI.



Have a great week everyone, here’s to figuring out life and living it the way we want to!




Day to Night Dressing – Part 2

Hello there you!



I’ve been a bit inconsistent with when I’m posting lately (I mean always), but today I’m bringing you fashionistas my second instalment of a piece that is great for the day time, or for glamming up a ‘lil for after dark.


Youtube update: I’m in the (painful) process of editing down some very chatty videos, then I will be getting the overall setup of my channel complete – hurrah! It will be coming to you by the end of the month, I promise!



So ANYWAY, here is my day look for a sassy zara blouse


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


I never ever thought that I would love this colour so much and now I’m wondering why that even entered my mind. Evergreen is a beautiful shade and this top is still super feminine with the flute sleeves – a trend that I’m loving at the moment. Here I’m keeping my outfit very simple with some distressed skinny jeans but the gold loafers for the sass-factor.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Blouse: Zara – Jeans & Choker: River Island – Loafers & Sunglasses: H&M


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


*photos not as bright here – sun went behind a cloud – classic Scottish weather – sorry*


So for night I’ve paired one Zara number with another (because eeeeeverybody loves Zara!), these leather look shorts are a go-to for me just to add a different texture to the mix. Finished off with some embroidered heels and gold details and I’m good to go (note to self though: must fake tan legs!)


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top & Shorts: Zara – Shoes: River Island – Bag: New Look – Choker & Earrings: H&M


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post, I would love to hear what you think


Stay Sassy!